snstick/marie’s milkshake website!


hey! im marie aka snstick on tiktok and snsticks on Instagram! here i will post my colorings, fonts, and more!

Grey City Coloring : My current coloring —

this is my grey city coloring!

Screenshot and import the QR code above!
Use the filter!

App- Prequel
Dust effect- dust at 100, filter at 15 and dispersion at 4
porcelain filter at 100
Exposure at -40
Contrast at -15
Saturation at -25
Haze and glow at 25
Aberration at 5
Blur however much you want

fonts i use and love!

here are the fonts i use in my current theme! you can find them all on! (link will be on the last page)

kg flavor and frames 3
mermaid bold
brownies cake
refresh regular
letters for learners
smartphone pro

pastel spring coloring : my old coloring  —

here is my pastel spring coloring!

App - 24fps
Screenshot the QR code above
import and use it

App - colourtone
Avalon to 50

App - prequel
Dust effect - filter 15 - dispersion 4
Oakland 2 filter at 50
Exposure is -30
Contrast is -10
Glow and haze at 25
Aberration at 5
Blur however much you want

External link

about creds

these are my rules about creds!

theme - i would prefer creds, but I will not call you out and make a big deal about it if you don’t!

coloring - it’s really just filters, so no!

bio - no!

caption - no!

pfp - no! unless I make one with my watermark, then yes because you might get hate and I don’t want that!

how I get rares!

this is how I get really rare videos!

there are two ways I get rares!

way one - when you are bored, scroll down your idols page and add lots of videos to you favorites! this is how I got most of my rares

way two - this way is a bit harder, but worth it! go search accounts that have rares of your idol! im going to link some of my favorites on the last page!