Sober Sisters

Don’t Drink Like My Sister

We’re Nicole and Tammie, and we’re the Sober Sisters. We are real life sisters who started a podcast early in the pandemic to help us stay sober, and support other women in sobriety or questioning their relationship with alcohol.

The Sober Sisters Social Club was launched in May, 2020. We popped up pages on insta and other social platforms to spread the word about the show, and to entertain and encourage women.

Next thing we know, we’re: blogging every day; managing a page with well over 30k followers; running an extremely well-loved support group twice a week,; publishing a weekly show (downloaded in 57 countries, at last count); and writing our first book (Don’t Drink Like My Sister!).

We came here to get and offer support in the sober community here, and have the amazing good fortune to now be advocates for needed change in the traditional approach to recovery, and to build a community growing stronger, one badass woman at a time.

When we’re not spearheading a woman’s recovery revolution, we’re both raising teenagers and working full time. Tammie lives in coastal North Carolina with her teenage son. She’s a middle school teacher. Nicole lives in coastal Southern California with her 2 teens. She owns a community acupuncture clinic.

Join our completely non-judgmental, inclusive community- listen, read, zoom in. We’re delighted to be on this path with you. 🖤

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