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My name is Neffy better known as SocialNeffy, if I’m not already, your soon to be favorite media personality, host, red carpet guru and of course socialite! 💁🏽‍♀️ I specialize in all things media with high attention to detail and punctuality!

I love what I do and luckily for me I’m amazing at it. I know that this is what I was put on this Earth to do as my God given talent. Whether you need to spice up your event, want some promotion for your business or anything in between extraordinary results guaranteed! Giving you high spirits, a warm smile and personality for yearsss. I am the one to call everytime!

With Love, 💋
Your Favorite Socialite Neffy

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Fav Food: Seafood😋

Super biased, seeing as though I grew up in Florida.🤷🏽‍♀️ But anyways Atlanta Seafood Market (pictured) is one of me and moms FAV spots when we’re in the city if you are in town try them out! For those wondering food is pricey but the food and service makes it worth it!

Fav Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Fun Fact I love to read always have. However, out of all my options this book has truly become my FAV! Robert T. Kiyosaki takes you through all the trials and tribulations of money, assets, liabilities and investments. If you’re trying to get your financial literacy up THIS is the book for you. (I almost want to read it again, myself) Side-bar: this book sorta changed my life 😱

Fav Tourist Spot: Trap Music Museum

I guess you can say I’m kinda biased since I work there ha! (Bet ya didn’t see that coming) Yes, if you ever in the Downtown Atlanta area and want to know more about the Trap Music culture or want to see me! You can catch me at T.I.’s Trap Music Museum every weekend! 🤪

Fav App- Instagram

I hate to say it but y’all I am addicted 😩. I can spend a minimum of 3 and maximum 7 hours on Instagram in a single day. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating but probably not haha. I use it for everything and when I say everything I mean it. I can use it for networking, communication, express feelings, a good laugh, show off how cute I am LOL, you name it Instagram provides it for me. (Oh and if you aren’t already follow me @socialneffy) 💖

Fav Job- Hosting 🤩

It’s something about the thrill of hosting that will excite me forever. The lights, the cues, coming with games, the roar of the crowd as I get them involved. I love the fact that when I host it’s hard for people to stay in there seats! It’s a feeling I want to always duplicate and most times hard for me to put into words what a thrill it is.

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