Intentionally and intuitively picked crystals and everything in between 🕊
All crystals are cleansed with sage and charged under the full moon.

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6/6: Newark Pavilion Pop Up 10am- 4pm
6/13: Monarch Market; Backesto Park 3:30pm- 8pm
6/26: Summer Vibes Pop Up; Playa Arroyo Park 11am- 3pm
6/27: KBC Pop Ups; Edenvale Park 1pm- 6pm

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Current Inventory

My current stock while my website is down.

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Crystal Bar

3 for $10
5 for $15
comes with info card with crystal description, how it was cleansed & charged, how to activate and ways to use your crystals.

Crystals include:
- raw celestite: increased understanding, higher consciousness, mental clarity
- angelite tumbles: conscious awareness, angel & spirit guides, higher self
- raw apatite: personal growth, achieve goals
- blue calcite: soothing, absorbs energy, anxiety/ depression
- raw citrine: prosperity, energy/ stamina, happiness
- citrine tumbles: prosperity, energy/ stamina, happiness
- carnelian tumbles: motivation, creativity, sexuality
- clear quartz points: master healer, energy amplifier, stores/ regulates/ absorbs energy
- green aventurine tumbles: harmony, abundance, success, luck
- moonstone tumbles: new beginnings, calming, stabilize emotions
- raw rose quartz: stone of love, self love, confidence and understanding
- amethyst tumbles: higher consciousness, purifies aura, control evil thoughts
- moss agate tumbles: self esteem/ expression, wealth, communication
- tigers eye tumbles: mental clarity, harmony, understanding, action
- raw tourmaline: grounding, reduces stress and anxiety


price varies; all come with an info card with crystal description, how it is cleansed & charged, how to activate and ways to use.

Carvings Available:
- Flower Agate Moons ($7): grace, passion, confidence
- Rose Quartz Angels ($7): confidence, self love, understanding
- Opal Mushrooms ($6): loyalty, spontaneity, amplifies positive traits and characteristics
- Rose Quartz Mushrooms ($6): self love, confidence, understanding
- Flower Agate Mushrooms ($6): grace, passion, confidence
- Obsidian Arrowheads ($6): protection, repels negative energy, releases imbalance
- Mahogany Obsidian Arrowheads ($6):
- Aura Rose Quartz Spheres (&12): harmony, inner peace, pure serenity


price varies;

- Flower Agate Mini Towers ($8): grace, passion, confidence
- Flower Agate Small Towers ($10): grace, passion, confidence
- Selenite Towers ($13): cleansing, purifies, enhances clarity

More Crystals

Price Varies;

- Amethyst Points ($9):
- Clear Quartz Clusters ($12 & under):
- Druzy Agate Half ($15):
- Large Himalayan Salt Heart ($12):
- Large Blue Calcite ($9)


- Sage Bundles ($4):
- Cherub Enamel Pin ($7):