SodaPupCosplay (Theodore)

No Rain, No Flowers

Hello all!
My name is Theodore, but my handle is Sodapupcosplay! I’m a transgender male who loves to cosplay, draw, and dance! I’ve been performing in the Otaku Dreams Cosplay Cafe for 8+ years! I’m always looking for new and more ways I can cosplay and meet new friends!
I’ve been a confirmed professional cosplay performer and I’m so excited for the new titled I’ve gotten! I can’t wait to continue performing!
I’m currently on hrt and in the stage of transitioning! My pronouns are He/His/Him I’m currently 25 years old and working on progressing my cosplay career! Unfortunately due to a family crisis I lost all of my anime merch/Posters/ and Cosplays. Some of my closest friends have helped a bit in the past(and I’m so very thankful!) Ive been devastated and less motivated to cosplay. Which is also why I haven’t been able to produce as much! However I am accepting donations of any kind!!

My Kofi and wishlist is in the link below and is always open to donations but it’s NEVER required! So please don’t feel pressured to donate, its just there if people either want to help out or they have a specific cosplay that want to see me do! Moreover I’m just here to have fun, let loose, and have a good time!

Thank you all in advance and I hope to see some of you at future cons!!

💞💘Love, SodaPup💘💞