Hello There; I Am Omaka Zhenji

Hello and Welcome The SOHL,

I want to share with you my personal experiences with Mindful Living,

Life for me changed from good to bad in 2017, when I found myself faced with separation of my wife and kids after 10 years of togetherness, the struggle was real.

The fear of loneliness kicked my anxiety into high gear, I prepared myself for the worst emotional breakdown ever, depression & long suffering I knew would be a painful existence, and I didn’t want to exist in life that way.

I searched far I searched wide I searched across the globe looking for truth until I landed in Cebu, Philippines, I was on a soul quest, a mission to find my purpose…
but my purpose found me once when I decided to sit down and meditate for the very first time.,

Meditation changed my entire world,
from living in doubt of myself, to living in total awareness of myself, living life mindfully made me so much more aware of why I exist and why I showed up on this planet

Now my greatest passion, is my greatest work, I get to live a daily life empowering others, who calling it is to make an impact to life and to live creating instead of waiting, to be the difference maker in making a difference, to show up being magical and radiating love and light.

I’m a Master Meditation Guide and Founder of SOHL, a Center for Self Health & Wellbeing, that teaches people how to tap into their SOHL’s Purpose and to live lives of influence.

If you are someone like me, loves to empower and influence others in an inspiring way. Then I say, Welcome Home.🙏🏿