The Owner of Sole & Luna Healing

Hello! I am Sarah Leffley and I am the owner of Sole & Luna. I am a Mindset & Spirituality Coach and I guide my clients through the embodiment of their highest self. I work with different healing modalities to help my clients with their mindset and realising their potential.

My soul purpose is to heal. I have been a sufferer of chronic pain for 3 years. I have experienced ongoing pain in my legs, back, chest and abdomen the entire time with 10 surgeries and procedures trying to ease the pain. My regular visits to the hospital created severe depression and PTSD which meant I spent days in bed with little to no hope. I often thought, ‘why me? What did I do wrong to experience this?’.

I was in my third year of studying Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Arts (Politics) when I was feeling unfulfilled and lost. I felt like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. It was after my grandmother died, that I had my first spiritual awakening where I truly had faith in the power of the Universe.

From there, I began my own business doing oracle card readings and strengthening my own intuition. I expanded into mindset work when my question of ‘why me?’ was finally answered. It happened to me, so I can help guide others to realise that we have all of the power within us to co create our dream lives.

I use my own experience, training with other coaches & healing modalities in my practices. I have never felt so aligned and fulfilled!

If you would like to work with me 1:1, please apply through my website or send me a message via Instagram! I cannot wait to connect.

All of my love,
Sarah x