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Sololi Social Responsibility


SOLOLI is dedicated to changing the way people shop. Our customers are seeking an alternative to factory-made designs, they care about the humans behind their purchases and want to have a positive impact in the world. When you shop at SOLOLI , you know a artisan made your product and the traditional technique and materials used to craft it.
Ethical Trade

To us, ethical is more than a label, it’s the way we conduct ourselves. We make it our obligation to be transparent and honest with both our artisan partners and customers about our process and giveback behind our business.

Fair Wages
SOLOLI is partners with local artisans in different parts of Mexico,Central and South America to source, create and design our handmade merchandise. Offering fair wages and above adequate price per item In order to ensure fair earnings, we allow our artisans to set their own prices.
Non-Factory Working Conditions
All of our artisans choose to comfortably work from home and make their own hours. This flexibility allows them to care for their families while bringing in an additional income in their spare time.


At SOLOLI we foster an environment for our artisans we ensure and encourage them to maintain their personal design aesthetic. We see our artisan as partners as designers and we collaborate with them to create market-ready products. When it comes to design, SOLOLI doesn't interfere with our artisan's creative process, which results in a totally authentic taste of indigenous traditions and artistry.

Environmentally Conscious

Reducing Waste
At SOLOLI , we pride ourselves in being part of the Slow Fashion movement. Our entire collection is artisan-made, meaning small batches in home workshops with minimal waste. The majority of our bags and accessories are sustainably made using upcycled fabric that we source from the local textile market. We choose to reuse already woven textiles instead of commissioning artisans to create more. This saves these gorgeous traditional Maya garments from going into landfill and avoids waste created by the production of new materials.

Natural Dyes
Our natural dye collection showcases the indigenous Maya dyeing technique. The artisans only use purely natural ingredients to create their handmade items. Passed down from her grandmother, these ancient techniques use plants to dye the cotton fabric making these products 100% natural and environmentally friendly. To dye their fabrics, the artisans use an array of natural tints found in plant leaves, barks, vegetables and fruits like coconut shells, pepper, achiote and much more.