Dan Walper

SoloPreneur CopyWriting

Hi I’m Dan Walper. I’m a life long SoloPreneur and now I help SoloPreneur course creators master their copywriting skills.

I believe that out of all your marketing efforts, copywriting will always be the most important.

The problem with copywriting today is that ads are fear based, negative and backwards. It always feels like the ad is trying to trick me or scare me into buying.

I’m either going to miss out on something amazing or something bad might happen if you don’t act now!

It’s a bunch or garbage aimed at getting your money as fast as possible. This is definitely a broken system and needs a change.

Throughout my life I have always worked for myself. I have done affiliate marketing, MLM, created several digital courses, wrote a self-help book, PPC, DropShipping and ran my own construction company for 20 years.

The available copywriting courses being taught all seamed like I needed to trick people into purchasing and this isn’t how I wanted to run my business.

With MY copywriting I wanted to be the most helpful I can while being the least pushy for the sale. Using positive reinforcement with no pressure.

Out of all the skills in business, communicating properly through your copywriting is the most important thing that will improve every part of your business.

I have created SoloPreneur CopyWriting for people who want to use positive communication for better results selling their courses without being so pushy.

There’s no need to force the sale or use scare tactics. This just costs more money in advertising, wastes time and attracts the wrong people.

Miscommunication plays a big part in most failed businesses. This one big problem can cause high bounce rates, low sales, wasted ad budget and major frustration.

No matter what business I was running, it always came back to good communication skills through my copywriting that made the biggest difference.

Excellent copywriting is the most powerful skill that every SoloPreneur should be investing in.

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