Simplicity and beauty

Many people will describe me as a passionate, fun and free spirited person. While all of those things are true, I’m also a decorated and hardworking single mom. I’ve spent years trying to find the “who I am” in my life. So who am I really?

My day job is as a nurse. My passion and desire to help others is really what drives me to do what I do everyday. I love seeing others succeed in all they do. This is also why I decided to join Monat.

What is Monat? Well let me tell you! It’s this remarkable vegan and cruelty free line of skin and hair care products that have transformed my life. My skin hair and even nails haven’t been this healthy in years. I’ve spent countless amounts of money on products (some day I’m a product snob), to never find that perfect product for me. My stylist turned me on to Monat, and the miracle of health hair and skin emerged. I loved it so much I decided to pursue the business side of my own entrepreneurship with their organization.

There is nothing more that I would love than to share this wonderful product with everyone. So here I am. Sharing with the world my success with something that FINALLY works. I hope you find the products as amazing as I do!