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A little about Me;

Hey there! My name is Janet Parks and I have been in the online space for about 3 1/2 years. I quit my job back in 2018 to become a stay at home mom to my then 2 year old Selena.

I shared with other direct sellers how to have fun and profitable parties playing super fun and simple games using video.

Every week I started going live just sharing free tips and strategies I was using to build my business. Some ideas unique, others were ideas I found on YouTube and just did them in my own way.

3 years later Iv built a multiple six figure income in my network marketing business and training others how to have fun in their online business while building their business into something dependable and sustainable like I did.

I believe that you can face any obstacle and overcome it if you really want to. Although I’m an introvert and still tend to keep to myself And shy away from things, I still challenge myself everyday to overcome and conquer my fears. I help online business owners overcome their fears too and I know together we can build our empires online.

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