Hi friend’s I’m Somi!

I am on my way to living my best life, becoming my best self & realizing that dreams do come true & the future I’ve always wanted and envisioned for myself is possible! It can and it will happen. By the Faith I have in God, and in myself

Hi I'm Somi, and a year ago today I was NOT the same person I am now! I had on & off depression, anxiety was going though the hardest times of life for someone fortunate enough to have always had a pretty easy & sheltered life. I was so desperately wanting to find my way out of this cloud, and my financials were not helping with all this either.

So I decided enough was enough and I was going to change my life for the better in all aspects of my life, health, wealth and my faith!

I’m so blessed to be apart of this team! I am so grateful God put this business in front of me when I was praying to him for help, for direction, to better myself for my now and my future. I’m so glad I took this leap of faith in God, in myself!!

What I do is simple, I help people start their own business and I love to see how much people grown as their business does as well. We call the business opportunity self development with a paycheck because it never fails the people who jump in and are coachable always find a new piece of themselves becoming their best selves!

I know I did, and so has my team!

If any of this sounds like you. Your ready to make changes, feel better & have better NOW and FUTURE

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