Sonder & Tell

We’re a words-first agency specialising in brand story, tone of voice and creative copywriting

We’re a team of writers who have worked with words in-house at brands, at editorial publications and at agencies. We know what it takes to create a good story and the impact the right words can have on a brand.

As a team, we’re as tuned in to the best new brands as we are the New York Times bestseller list; as fascinated with clever ad copy as we are with literary devices. When we’re not crafting tone of voice, writing stories or leading workshops for our community of brands, we’re interviewing curious wordsmiths, curating events, putting together our weekly newsletter and sharing cultural insights on our platforms.

We also enjoy a good crossword.

The Wordsmiths

Join our new copywriting community on Slack

Have you ever found a niche grammar meme and wished you had a space to share it? Wondered whether you’re charging enough? Nailed a project and just wanted someone to tell you ‘yay’?

At Sonder & Tell,we’ve decided to launch a Slack Channel for all copywriters looking to be part of language-loving, word-nerd conversations. The Wordsmiths will be a space where copywriters can share knowledge, thoughts and opinions – from navigating tricky clients to synonyms for unprecedented. It will be an inclusive community. Because we need diverse conversations to lay the foundations for diverse and inclusive brands.

Members will have access to exclusive events run by Sonder & Tell along with our community of writers, marketeers and brand builders.

If you’re interested in joining our community of wordsmiths, hit the link below. Remember to bring the grammar memes.