Hey Y'all! I am Sonya!

If you want it, go for it! Take risk!

Hey My Name Is Sonya!!! I'm super excited you are here!!!

I am a stay at home mom! I have been in the company for 6 months now. I am looking forward to promoting to Diamond this month! This means a lot to me and I'll be able to start paying off my debt  I honestly never thought becoming a part of the company would get me so far already and because of saying yes to working from home all on social media, I am able to help so many other people who were in the same place I was in!  

I have tried working for this company before in 2016 but I had my doubts and quit within the first month! I regret it!!! I can only imagine where I would be if I would have just stayed consistent and kept posting! After quitting I literally worked three jobs! I was super tired and never got a break! Even on my days off I went into work to pick up more shifts to make more money  I was super depressed and it seemed like no matter how hard I worked I just kept getting knocked down. I wanted to succeed and stay on track. I finally said enough is enough! I quit all my jobs and stayed home in hopes I would go back to school. That did not work out either. I moved to California with my husband because of the military! Again, got super depressed I had no one here! And no job!

I got pregnant at the end of May 2018 and had my daughter in March 2019! I was keeping it from social media! Again, was struggling because my husband was deployed during my pregnancy  I thought I would never catch a break then boom  it happened! I started working from home and being able to watch my daughter grow up without having to worry about how I was going to help towards bills and not struggling again!

I have been able to help so many people take the leap on this opportunity and they all are already on track to earning their first paycheck and already starting to earn weekly bonuses because they decided enough was enough and they are following my guidance and letting me teach them what it takes to be successful with this. They were all scared but took the leap anyway and I am so excited to see where they all will be in the next 30-60 days

I am ready to grow my team and help more people!!!

Love: Sonya :)

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