Blog #1

Starting a Small Business

Hi! I recently started my small business, in today’s blog I’m going to talk about why I wanted to start one and some tips that I learned. I started my business to express my creativity. I am still a beginner at making jewelry but I hope to improve as time goes on. Even though I’m still a beginner I do have some tips from some small business friends. The first tip is to not promote your business. Even though this seems strange asking for orders isn’t going to gain orders instead try to interact with your followers. Another important tip is to make sure your photos are good, this way your products will look good so it will look appealing to your customers. I wish you luck with your buisness!! Have a great day! - Sophia Grace

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Blog #2

Shopping Small

Hey! In todays blog I’m going to be talking about why you should shop small this holiday season. There are plenty of reasons why you should shop small. Small business owners put a lot of love and effort into making their products. Most likely what your buying you won’t be able to get at regular store. Coming from a small business owner it makes our day when you order from us! In conclusion I hope you are able to shop small this holiday season! Have a great day. 😊

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Blog #3

Small Business Suport

Hi! In today’s blog I’ll be talking about what small businesses to shop at this holiday season. I look at a lot of small businesses but here are some of my favorites.
1. @khaccessories
There small businesses is so cute!! I love their jewelry and I love how you can tell that they take time and love what they do while making this products!
2. @goodlyslimes
I love their slimes!!! They are so colorful and their holiday slimes are so festive!! I love their Etsy and I know they put a lot of love into making their slimes. Thank you so for supporting me goodlyslimes.
I am obsessed with their stickers!! Their are such a great quality and she is so creative! I’ve bought from her multiple times and I love her packaging. She’s so creative!
4. @somethingbellowphotography
This is not a small business but I love her account! Something bellow photography has supported my small business journey ever since I started. She would always like all my post, and be kind to me every day. Every single post that you see was edited by the amazing something bellow photography. Thank You so much!!

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Blog #4

Supporting Small Buisnesses Pt.2

Hey! In today’s blog I’m going to talk about some of my favorite small businesses.
1. @kiwislimescompany
Kiwi Slimes are one of my ambassadors and she is so nice!!! She has the most festive slimes for the holidays. I recently purchased a cloud slime from her and I loved it so much! It was such a fluffy texture and the color of it was so pretty. I hope you purchase from her this holiday season.
Her stickers are so nice!! She has creative designs and super cute Christmas designs also! They are such a great quality and I totally recommend. She has other amazing things in her shop. I love it so much!! Thank You for supporting me!
3. @eandmpots
They are very creative! Ellie and Marissa sell hand painted pots. They both work very hard and I love how creative their products can be. Both Ellie and Marissa have holiday pots on their Etsy. EandMpots recently had a great announcement. Every order they get until Christmas will be donated to Operation Santa which is an organization where they help 𝚂𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚊 deliver gifts to the children who do not have an opportunity to get presents for Christmas.

Blog #5

Small Business Saturday

Heyyy! It’s small business Saturday and I wanted to thank you so much! It hasn’t even been a full month since I started and I already have so much support! I’ve meet so much people and I have gotten so many friends and supporters. I wanted to say thank you so much! Without this I wouldn’t be able to meet so many people and I am so thankful! Thank you for having almost twenty orders! That’s crazy! I hope you have happy holidays! I hope you have a great day! - Sophia Grace

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Blog #6

Gift Guide

Hi! In today’s blog I am going to be talking about a holiday gift guide. All of these items are from small buisnesses.
1. Macrame Keychain
I recently did a trade with and I got her keychain. It is so cute! I totally recomend this product because it could be a great gift for your mom, or sister.
2. Phonecases
I purchased from and I loved it! Her cases are so adorable! She does different designs and also does custom phone cases. Her cases would make a perfect gift for anyone in your family.
3. @khaccessories
Khaccessories’ shop is super cute! She has tons of different jewelry designs. Her jewelry would make a great gift for anyone in your family. Her jewelry is super affordable and I totally recommend it.
4. @kiwislimescompany
Kiwi Slimes shop is super festive. She has different holiday slimes. I have bought from her before and I loved it. Her shop is affordable and super cute! Anyone who loves slime would appreciate if you bought them slime from her shop.

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Blog #7

Small Business Gift Guide .2

Hi!! We are so close to the holidays and here’s some of my favorite shops to purchase from this holiday season.
Savannah is so nice!!! Savannah’s cases are so amazing. She has so many different designs and her shop is so aesthetic. Savannah is so nice and a great small business supporter. I definitely recommend buying from her shop this holiday season.
2. @thesilverstitchshop
This shop is SO nice. They handmake all of their items. This shop owner is so talented, her headbands and scrunchies are so cute. They are such a great quality. I believe this is the best gift shop to give to someone else this holiday season.
Lily’s shop is so pretty. All her jewelry is handmade and she puts tons of effort into making her jewelry. I love the style of her shop. Lily’s jewelry would make a great gift for this Christmas.
4. @moonflowerjewelryy
Emma is so kind!! Her shop is so amazing, her earrings are so adorable and unique. I recently purchased some earrings for me and my friends and we love it! Emma is so talented and kind! I totally recommend buying from moon flower jewelry.

Happy Holidays 🎄

Blog #8

Reviewing Small Buisnesses

Hi! I’m so excited to start blogging again. This series is going to be about me reviewing other small businesses. I’m so excited! I recently purchased from Her shop was adorable. She sells tons of different and unique necklaces, earrings, and stickers. What I love about her products is that most of the products are original and you don’t see them on every shop. She packages her items with special care and includes tons of freebies. I got my order shipped to me very quickly. Good & Things shop donates 100% of their profits are donated. In conclusion I think that Good & Things shop is so unique because all of her products are unique, her packaging is so great, opening her package was like opening a christmas gift. I’m so glad that I ordered from her shop. I totally recomend. Look at my insta story if you’d like to see what I purchased from her shop.

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Blog #9

Reviewing Small Business .2

Hi! I am so excited to do part two of this series. For todays blog I purchased from I purchased an adorable butterfly phone case and a “take it easy” sticker. Trisha is so sweet! She helped me when I purchased my order, which was so nice! My package arrived extremely quickly. I can definitely tell that she puts a lot of work and effort into making her cases and stickers. They are both adorable and such high quality! The phone case is very sturdy so that way your phone does not damage or break. I was so excited when I saw that there was a free scrunchie and sticker in my package. Opening this package made my day extra special! PeachyPrintCo is such a great business. The quality is amazing and the aesthetic of her shop is so cute!!

Blog #10


I recently purchased from AccessoriesByAva and I loved it! I purchased a gold paperclip necklace. The necklace was so dainty and great quality! It fits perfectly and goes with everything. When I received my package I saw my necklace packaged perfectly! She included tons of free stickers AND a free pair of earrings! This shop is absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend! 💗

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Blog #11

Reviewing Small Businesses .4

Hi! Welcome to day 5 of “Seven days of small businesses” Today I’m going to talk about the business @thoughtfuldesignsco.
This business sells custom made face masks. I absolutely love this small business. She puts tons hard work into making her products and into her business. She has different seasonal masks for spring, winter, simple patterns, and more. Her make are great quality and they’re affordable! Her website is so organized so it’s easy for you to order your mask, and the shipping is quick! ThoughtfulDesignsCo business is absolutely perfect! The owner is so kind and such an amazing person to work with! Thank you!

BLOG #12

Reviewing Small Business .5

Hi! In today’s blog I’m going to talk about the business “StickersAndDesigns.” Their shop is adorable! I got to work with her for “Seven days of small business” and I love their business! She sells affordable stickers. Her designs are adorable! I received a smiley face sticker, Mac and cheese sticker, and “2021” sticker! I love these stickers! The quality is amazing, it looks perfect on my water bottle and my laptop! You can use these stickers to accessorize anything! When I received my order I loved how it was packaged! This shop is overall amazing!! I love it! 💕

About me!

blog #13

Hi! My name is Sophia Grace, I am the owner of SophiaGraceJewelry. I am 14 year old entrepreneur. I started my business November 2020. I started my business to express my creativity and to share it with the world! My favorite part of being a small business is getting to share my jewelry with the world and getting to meet all of my jewelry supporters! When I started this business I never thought that I would have over 3,000 supporters! I gained so many best friends! I got to have so many people help me! Having a small business had a huge impact in my life! Thank you so much for supporting me! 💕


Blog #14

Hi! Today I’m going to talk about the business sunkistaz! I recently collaborated with her business! I received an adorable necklace! I absolutely love it! This necklace is such great quality! It looks adorable and it is goes perfect with any outfit for this summer! When I received this necklace I was in love. She packaged it perfectly and even included a note. I love this shop so much! Her jewelry is adorable! If you would like to purchase amazing jewelry use code SOPHIA10 at checkout! 💕

How to grow your business!

Blog #15

Hi! In today’s blog I’m going to be talking about how to grow your business and your instagram. As a small business owner I know I know it’s hard to constantly have orders and followers.
Tip #1
Instagram reels: when I posted Instagram reels everyday, I gained a lot of followers. This helped me so much because I gained tons of followers, and a couple of sales.
Tip #2
Have good quality photos! This is a huge necessity. Having good quality photos will help make your products more appealing. Posting these pictures on Instagram will also make huge difference in your shop. has free presets!
Tip #3
Do collabs with other small businesses or do collabs with influences. I have done a couple of collabs before and I gained a few followers.
Thanks for reading!!

Seven Days of Small Business


Hi! Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite small businesses ReggieDesignCo. I recently did a review on her business! Her stickers are adorable and the packaging is so cute!! She sent me two different small business stickers, a rainbow sticker, and a smiley face sticker. Her stickers look adorable and such great quality! They came in adorable packaging! This is one of my favorite sticker shops ever!! The experience was amazing!! 100% recommend 💕

Seven Days Of Small Business

Hey! In today’s blog I’m going to talk about the business SimplyLove.Co. She sells the cutest stickers! I received an adorable butterfly sticker and a cute sunglasses sticker! The stickers were packaged so perfectly! The designs were adorable and the quality was perfect! The stickers are absolutely perfect to be accessorized anywhere! Her shop is adorable and so aesthetic! Thank you!
Insta: @simply.loveco

Seven Days of Small Business


Hi! I am so excited to review today’s business! AviousJewelry sells necklaces,earrings, and rings!! All of her jewelry is absolutely adorable! It’s so elegant! Her rings are so beautiful! I got to receive the Amelia ring, gemstone ring, gemstone earrings, and seed bead rings! I love the Amelia ring! The gold and pearl aesthetic makes the ring look adorable! It looks so perfect and it goes perfectly with the seed bead ring! I love the pearl seed bead ring! It looks so lovely and pairs perfectly with the Amelia ring! I was so excited to see that she had included the stone ring! I absolutely love it! The stone ring that I received was silver wired with a pink gemstone in the middle! I am in love with her shop! Go to my Instagram to see her shop link and the unboxing video! Thank you!!


Small Business Review

Hi! In today’s blog I’m going to review my favorite slime business ever!! GoodlySlimes! I have bought from her multiple times and I’ve been in love with all of them! She always has tons of adorable slimes in her shop! She recently did a summer slime restock and I’m obsessed! My favorite slime from the collection is the Orange Creamsicle Donut Slime. It is so colorful and looks amazing! I love all of her slimes, they such great quality! I’m so glad to be friends with such an amazing business owner! Go shop GoodlySlimes! Thank you! 😊


Blog #19

Hi! Today’s blog will be about reviewing kkyarnshoppe! She sells handmade scrunchies, and bandannas! What I love about her shop is that all of her products are crocheted so the quality is amazing! I know that making scrunchies is super hard to do, and I believe she did an amazing job! I received a blue scrunchie and a pink bandanna! The products are so cute!! I totally recommend buying the scrunchie, that’s my favorite product in her shop! She even included a sweet note! I absolutely love her shop! 🤍

Pressology Skin

pressology collab!

Hello! I am super excited to be collaborating with pressology skin!

About there brand: Pressology is a healthy skincare brand, they focus on your skins long term health and providing plant based beauty! All of there products are natural and healthy to use since biologist and has always enjoyed skincare!

Skincare: Pressology has tons of skincare products that are perfect for you! The moringa mask contains Vitamin A to help with rapid skin cell renewal, smooth uneven texture, plump fine lines, wrinkles and minimize acne scars! My favorite product from there shop is the Jasmine Rose water toner!

Toner: I am absolutely in love with pressology’s jasmine rose water multi use toner! It focuses on toning, softening, and deeply nourishing the skin while balancing the skin’s pH and complexion! This toner is super easy to use! You can use the multi use toner by applying post-cleanse directly to your face and neck or you can spray it onto a cotton pad and spread on the skin.

Thank you so much Pressology Skin for collaborating with me! Go checkout my Instagram to see the full unboxing!

She’s Birdie

Birdie Review

Hello! For today’s blog I am going to be reviewing the business she’s birdie!

About the brand:
The birdie was created to help the safety of young women around the world. The birdie can help prevent safety tragedies wherever you are! With every alarm purchased, Birdie gives a percentage of profits to their partner organization that help support women’s safety, health, and shelter!

How it works:
A birdie is a mini alarm that can be added to your purse, backpack, on your keys, or any where that is easy for you to access it. You can pull the top part of your birdie to active it and the birdie will ring 130 decimals which is equivalent to the sound of the sound of a jet engine flying 100 feet over head.

Why you should use a birdie:
I believe a birdie is such a great item to have! Since we are all going back to school or work a birdie can help us prevent a harmful situation and help us stay safe wherever we go! You can add your birdie to your school backpack, bag, purse, key and anywhere that is accessible to use!

Go check out my tiktok to see how to use the birdie and more information about it! Thank you so much!


playa hair oil review

I am obsessed with this brand! Playa is an all natural beauty brand based in Los Angles, California. They are sold online at their website and at Sephora! Playa beauty sells various products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, mask and much more! I was so excited to receive the hair oil! The hair oil is meant to transform your hair and make it shine. The silicone free formula repairs damaged strands infuses moisturizer, tames frizz, and protects from UV damage. Playa is such a great, affordable brand to use! I love it so much! Thank you!!