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I believe in helping people feel beautiful and confident, as well as expressing themselves through makeup. There is nothing more powerful than a confident person!

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Why I chose this company:

•They are an established company of 70+ years and I like that I can rely on them to be consistent and secure. (This was a huge issue in my last company) 3rd Generation Family owned and debt free.
•I’m not just a number (This is huge to me). I have a name in this company that corporate knows. I am able to build relationships with corporate and be recognized for the hard work and my achievements to come.
•They manufacture all their products and even the packaging themselves so they are able to keep quantity high but costs low.
•They have clean and safe beauty products that follow the EU standards so they are held at a higher standard. They do no test on animals 🐾, most products are vegan, gluten free, SLS free, paraben free, free of heavy metals, fragrance free products, non GMO, and dermatologically tested.
•They have a wide variety of skincare and makeup so depending on what you need and what you want, there is a combination for you. For me I like that I can pick and choose products from their different lines of skincare to get the perfect hydrated, plump, glowy skin that I’m always striving for. You need to have a good skincare base for your makeup to look flawless.
•They have other products that you use daily so you can get a lot of your products in one place. Think hair care, body care, cleaning, nutrition, men’s line, etc. P.S. no monthly commitments.
•Their compensation plan is exactly what I’ve been looking. I will be compensated fairly this time around! Bonus and trips available too!
•With the endless amount of support, I’m able to lead again and help others reach their dreams and goals ❤️

After product testing, conversations with corporate, conversations with my sponsor, conversations with my family, I am happy to announce that I have started as a Beauty Influencer with Farmasi!!


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