Book Reviews Policies and Guidelines

Hello, Welcome To Sophia's Book Club Reviewing Policy

It's a big deal that you'd want me to read your book and share my honest opinion with you and other readers

Here are my policies to protect myself and you and your book from any misunderstanding or issues that may arise in the period of reviewing

🦋Reviewing Policy🦋


My reviews are free and I write them as honest as I can.

1. I accept books in the following formats: ebooks, paperback, and hardback. I currently do not listen to audiobooks.

2. My preferred genre is fiction: African literature, young adult, new adult, fantasy, sci-fi, speculative fiction, thriller and mystery, comics and graphic novels, poetry, and LGBTQIA and Feminism themed books.

3. My review may not always be positive but they're always 100% honest. I share my Review on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, and newsletter community.

4. It takes up to 2-6 weeks to review a book depending on the number of pages and font and size used. Urgent reviews will attract a fee of NGN. 1000- 1500

5. If you want your review to include Special content like book trailers, reels, and IG live session it will attract a fee of NGN. 2000

If you're interested in working with me please send me your detailed request to:

Let's work magic with your story,

When Questions Become Words

When Questions Become Words is a collection of short stories with a burning question that focuses on the marginalisation of girls and women. Each story is a collective experience of women and girls in Africa, with themes of marriage, education, sexual activity, mental health, and love.