Technical & Business Communications Consultant

Helping small businesspeople produce professional-looking writing with a consistent brand voice by creating a writing style guide | Technical Communications Consultant | $99 1-Hour Strategy Call

Imagine saving time and money when writing proposals, reports, newsletters, or blog posts for your small business.

Imagine enhancing your company's image with consistent, high-quality, professional writing with a uniform brand voice.

Imagine having style and format issues established BEFORE you start writing—no more wasting time going back to old pieces to see how you wrote and formatted things in the past.

This can be a reality.

I'm a technical and business communications consultant with deep experience helping small businesspeople like you create company writing standards that help you stay on brand and create consistently excellent writing for your business.

I'm offering a $99 one-hour Zoom call to help you create a framework for your writing standards.

During the call, I will
👉 Get to know more about your writing and your client base
👉 Recommend a major style manual for you to base your style guide on
👉 Walk you through creating writing standards that will help you produce top-quality writing and strengthen your company's image

👩‍💻 At the end of the call, you'll get a customized Microsoft Word template for a writing style guide that you can fill in.

Interested? Message me with “writing standards” in the first line for more info.