A little bit about me

If you know me, this blog has been expected, and if you don’t… Welcome! My name is Sophie Skinner and I am a sister to three amazingly annoying but immensely loved younger siblings, a working college student, and a girl who is used to never having a dull moment (which I’ve brought upon myself over the years)!

To all of you, I hope that this blog becomes a space where you feel comforted and are able to laugh with, relate to, and find a friend in me. And if not that, then I hope that it consumes a moment of your day and leaves you feeling a little happier than you were when you stumbled upon it. I hope that while reading this you are growing and loving and living because life is beautiful. It has taken me a while to realize, and sometimes I will still find myself forgetting, that to be alive is a remarkable (and crazy) thing. I figured that all of the wisdom I have gained through so many people, places, and experiences should be shared with my loved ones and those beyond, and that is why I’ve created a space to share my acquired knowledge. My first piece of advice that I can share is to count your blessings, to count the ones you love twice, and to know that you will always find your way through kindness, love, and joy. So again, welcome, and thank you for joining me on this journey through life.
With much love,

Soph <3