about me and my life!

Welcome to my life! 🌺

my name is Sophie. I’m 11 years old, I have an amazing gf named ruby! my very good Best friend is Leilany<3. I have A’s and B’s in school. My dream job is to be an pat-net attorney lawyer. I have two sisters and one brother. My favorite music writers are Melanie Martinez and Bruno mars. My favorite restaurant is Mexican or Olive Garden. I love all my supporters. My birthday is March 29th. I’m obsessed with stuffed animals. I love soft blankets. I love my friends and all they do for me <33. I’m insecure about ALOT of my body features. I have anxiety. My idols are — Charli Damelio, Addison Rae, and Zoe Laverne. I love crocs and to be comfy.

My bestie leilany!

my bestie <3

I have a Bestfriend named leilany. She’s always been there for me. She’s also been here for me in the middle of February. She’s an amazing Bestfriend. She’s tells me how to look forward and gain confidence, and to never give up. She’s a huge inspiration to be. She’s made a huge impact on my life. I couldn’t thank her more. I trust leilany with my entire life. If I was dying i know I could automatically count on her. Leilany if your reading this just know i love you !! 💗

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my amazing girlfriend!

my gf <3

My girlfriend has been here for 3 months now. We started dating on February 12th, during winter time!! she’s been a huge inspiration to me during these months <3 she’s been my best friend also. She may think I don’t love her but I really do. She’s my forever. And she’s the best girl I’ve ever been with. She’s been there for me, cared for me, loved me. She’s been a huge supporter to me during my hardest times.
She was there for me at my lowest. No words could ever explain how glad I am to have her in my life and how thankful I am for her <3 I love you ruby! ❣️

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