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A little bit about how I came to start my online business

Hey guys 🤍

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!

My name is Sophie, I am a trading manager in the financial services sector after gaining my degree in business management.

You might be thinking 💭 why did she start her own business on top of this ??

Well.... I was approached multiple times by people asking me to join their team in a global network marketing company but the time wasn’t right for me until March 2020 when I said YES!

I cannot lie I was super sceptical & thought this was a scam as anyone would be! By was I wrong! When my up-line explained how the company’s compensation plan worked I just fell in love! I was blown away by the potential you have to earn & that dream of #freedom. Who wouldn’t want to become a 4 figure weekly earner! 🤩

Let me tell you the opportunities are INSANE!!!! 🖤

Within the first 6 weeks I have jumped straight to my 4th promotion, which means I am only two promotions away from the company paying for a car of my choice 🤪

I receive regular commission straight in my bank account & this is just one way of earning! We have another 6 opportunities to be paid for utilising your own social media.

Network marketing gets looked down upon, when in fact it makes more millionaires than any other industry. It is not only changing my life, it’s changing so many of the teams lives - EVERYONE IS WINNING! 💕

I have the chance to live on my own terms, be my own boss & help others along the way! 🌻