Autumn/winter 2020

My go-to makeup for autumn/winter time

During this time of the year most people, including myself love to experiment with new makeup looks, and especially with new makeup products.

Autumn and winter time is my favourite time of the year, which I know is most likely a very unpopular opinion, but I just think it’s the best time for the makeup and fashion and industries to really stand out, as personally I believe autumn fashion is the best and the makeup looks are my absolute favourite!

I thought I’d share my love for autumn/winter time by sharing my favourite makeup products to create my go-to looks for this time of year.

The base (foundation)

For the base I’m a big fan of a medium-full coverage as it’s no longer summer so you can go a bit more fuller with the coverage but not too much if you wish just depends on preference, you can choose the coverage it all just depends how much product you use. So my favourite foundation at the moment is revolution conceal and define full coverage foundation.

Revolution foundation

The base (bronzer)

Another main part of the base I love is bronzer, especially during this time of the year as the cold weather can make you look a bit paler than usual so I think bronzer can bring some colour back to your face. The bronzer I’ve been loving lately is the Hoola bronzer by benefit, I just think it gives the perfect bronze look to my skin tone and for the people with lighter or darker skin tones they have other shades also, to cater to all skin tones.

Hoola bronzer


During this time of year I usually prefer a much fuller brow, so I use Anastasia Beverley hills dip brow pomade in shade ‘dark brown’, because my hair is black but I like to do my eyebrows a little bit lighter than my hair but that’s just personal preference, obviously do what you like when it comes to creating a makeup look perfect for you.

Anastasia dip brow pomade


For lips I’m quite split, as I LOVE a dark lip, especially for a night out. My go to dark lip is the Too faced melted matte liquid lipstick in shade ‘Drop dead red’. And on the other hand I love just a clear lipgloss or lip-balm, especially for a casual day to day look. The lipgloss I’m liking at the moment is the BarryM plumping lipgloss. But again if you have a certain shade you prefer then use that as the person who knows your face best is yourself so only you know what suits your face best.

Dark red lip

Contour and highlight

For highlight and contour, I don’t really wear highlight during these seasons as in summer it’s great for creating more of a dewy look whereas after summer I prefer more of a matte look, so highlight stays in my draw during this time of year until I take it out for Christmas or most likely New Years as a little bit of glitter never hurts anyone especially when celebrating New Years. And for contour, I’m much more of a bronzer person but sometimes, most likely for a fuller makeup look, I will prefer a more defined contour look so for that it just depends on the occasion. But when I do use them my go to’s are the elf ‘moonlight Pearls’ highlight, and the Bh cosmetics contour palette.

Contour & highlight palette


Now leaving my favourite till last, during these seasons I love using rust oranges and browns as those colours remind me of autumn and they are my favourite colours, especially to use on my eyes as they are green and these colours make them stand out so my fellow green eyed men and women out there these palettes will be perfect for you. So the eyeshadow palette I use is the Urban decay ‘Heat’ palette, I highly recommend it for other people like me who love autumnal colours. Another palette I would recommend for this time of year is the Morphe 350 nature glow palette as it has a mixture of those colours and more brown shades which is more suitable for winter and New Years as it has a few gold shimmers in there which would be perfect for that New Years glowy look.

Eyeshadow palette

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That’s it for my go to products during autumn/winter time. I hope it helps those people looking for new products during these seasons. Above I will leave a picture of an ultimate autumnal look using these products.
And my links to my personal makeup page, so if anyone has any enquiries or needs any further information you know where to find me just click the link :) Enjoy !

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