Sora’s home rituals to call in abundance

This is a mini workshop for setting your intentions & calling in your idea of abundance during this time of potent lunar energy. The energy is most heightened during the actual new moon, 2 days before & 2 days after, so I recommend doing these home rituals during this time but you can also do them anytime between now & the full moon. The closer however to the new moon the better- that way you give those intentions enough time to root down & bloom!


This practice of aligning our inner & outer worlds through setting intentions & reflecting these intentions into our space is an extra potent way to activate what we are calling in. The combination of this powerful alignment & harnessing the new moon energy will be powerful in allowing your manifestations to come through. It is springtime & the light is increasing both in our homes & within our bodies, use your intuition & let it light the way...


☆ Locate the sacral chakra/abundance area in your home (from the front door -back left area of your home- the star below is where abundance/sacral chakra area is, front door is located at front center square)

★ ◼️◼️

☆ Journal your intentions of what you’d like to manifest & call in surrounding abundance, writing them as if they are true in the present, have them in mind as you are practicing these rituals around your home

☆ Clean & clear the sacral chakra/abundance area; remove any obstructions to flow including protruding furniture or clutter. Once it is clean, clear the energy of the space using the smoke of sage or palo santo. Do this space clearing with your intentions in mind moving in a clockwise direction; opening windows where you can. Now that the energy is cleared, seal the area with a pinch of salt in each corner.


There are several things you can do to activate the abundance energy within your space; focusing on the sacral chakra/abundance area of your home which is linked to the element of wood which represents abundance & prosperity.

☆ Place a plant (wood energy) or a jade plant specifically if you have one in this area - it brings in living energy & a jade plant is representational of abundance & prosperity, don't worry if you don't have a jade plant, plants in general will bring in the wood element & activate the flow of life force energy in the space.

☆ Taking the paper that you have written your intentions on, thinking of them as your "seeds of intention" lets fold them up & "plant" them (place them into the soil of a plant. They can stay here until the full moon where you can "watch them grow" (just remember they are there before you water!)

☆ Add a mirror to this area of your home, any size (as long as it’s not facing the front door- it will send the energy back out), it’s light reflection doubles the life force energy of the space, expands the space, & brings in a water element which represents prosperity. Water energy feeds the wood energy of this area. Exponentially potent if you can position it to reflect the wood energy of your plant.

☆ Add other elements of wood decor to this space, or other natural materials derived from wood- wood represents wealth

☆ If you have the crystals citrine or pyrite available you can cleanse them infuse them with intention & put them in this area as well- they both symbolize abundance & prosperity

☆ Other crystals to include in this area that are linked to the sacral chakra are carnelian, hematite, or tigers eye

☆ Add images of flowing water or any other images that resonate with you in relation to abundance into this space

☆ Clean up the entrance to your home, both interior & exterior. Wipe down your front door, sweep your front stairs, replace old doormats. Making your entrance inviting & clean will attract abundant life force energy into your life.

☆ Your kitchen is also linked to abundance & your ability to feed yourself & your family. Clean your kitchen, organize & clean your pantry & fridge & be sure it’s well stocked. Deep clean your stove & make sure all of the burners are working. Add fresh flowers!

☆ Diffuse or mist these essential oils in your abundance area - Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Clary Sage - these are all linked to our sacral chakra, you can purchase DoTerra oils 20% off when you sign up as a wholesale member through me using number #7594499.


It is spring lovelies & as you plant these seeds of intention in both your inner & outer worlds you will watch them grow & bring in bountiful abundant energy into all aspects of your life. It’s all energy & there is a limitless supply of abundance in this universe, more than enough for all - & you are worthy! Sending all my love with this new moon energy! Let me know what comes up for you during this time...XX

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