Banking on Autopilot

Crypto Currency + Autopilot = FINANCIAL FREEDOM


You're here because just like me, want financial FREEDOM & STABILITY to not only have a healthy savings or set up your family but maybe retire in a few years or now!! without doing any of the trading yourself (AUTOPILOT).

My name is Soraya Chand, happily married with 3 beautiful girls. Both myself and hubby work full time jobs that pay great, however the cost of living (surviving) in Sydney is much more greater than our pay checks. We do not have a savings nor do we own our own home and because of this (plus a close friend) I have taken the leap of faith to pursue my journey with CFX.

On this platform you receive up to 6% weekly returns on investment with automated forex without having to do any trading yourself.
Do you know how the banks make money off our money right?? Well we are able to do that too now. It’s a no brainer, take your power back and create the life you desire because we all deserve it.
This space is for EVERYONE. To finally make our money work for us.

My advice is do what you feel is best for you and your family! With the rise of crypto and the inflation of every day money you really don’t want to get left behind. I feel such a huge pull to show others how they can leverage a platform (instead of using traditional banking systems) & get paid along with millions of others every single Sunday!

*Just to be clear I don’t know anything about trading but what I DO KNOW is MONEY & RESULTS that show my money works for me and it's been AMAZING!

Now Ive understood and experienced how life changing this opportunity is the feeling has been so exciting, uplifting and encouraging. I am so grateful to be able to share this with you and to be playing my part in changing the narrative with money. This is the exact reason why I feel so confident about sharing this with you all, because you can not lose, this is all about winning and helping each other get there. If you are reading this and feeling into this the sooner you take the leap the faster you earn. I did not muck around I used some of my tax money and invested in to this & started seeing results almost immediately.

Please note this is something that takes time to grow, you can go as fast as you like though!

*Disclaimer I REPEAT I am no expert nor am I giving you banking advice I'm just here making bank and purely wanting to share the opportunity!

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