Parisian Fashion

Fashion is an art and style is every individual’s way of putting it together. Over time, I have seen myself loving the whole Parisian fashion. Its classy and elegant yet simple. French women are romantic, graceful and uncomplicated. They are never gaudy or overdressed. Moreover, digging deep into their wardrobe they definitely have a beret, white t-shirts, delicate jewellery and scarves. Nevertheless, what I love most about Parisian fashion is it always comes with its secret element that is just one statement jewellery or pair of stiletto shoes.
As Coco Chanel said “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” since then every woman has an elegant piece of black dress and sophisticated stiletto shoes as a part of their basic style. Below are some of my favourite pieces which are a part of Parisian fashion.

Golden Vintage Jewellery

Vintage Jewellery like neck pieces and earrings are something every French woman would style. Just a simple neck piece can create a look. To be honest I was never a fan of golden jewellery but as I developed interest in Parisian fashion, I knew I had to try. So, as I digged through my mom’s old vintage jewelry box I found some amazing stuff like basic golden hoops with tons of rings that I could layer on. Moreover, as they usually play around with beige and nude colours, a beige jumpsuit with a golden basic necklace and hoops work great with pair of beige stiletto heels. Lastly, you will never see one wearing too much jewellery. It’s the small delicate jewellery mostly from Chanel.

Berets are something that not everyone can pull of. But Parisians have trench coats as part of their style most of the time and this is where it styled together with a Beret. Honestly, they look so sophisticated with trench coats and pair of amazing stilettos. Basically, Beret makes dressing more interesting. It creates more of a retro vibe.

If I am talking about essentials in a French wardrobe then a Black dress is a necessity. Even a basic black dress could be styled and played around with accessories like bags or just a pair of heels. For starters every woman would love to wear a little black dress or for their first date they would wear a black slip dress. Since Coco Chanel made it popular every woman has one sexy black dress hanging in their closets. It never went off trend and always looks elegant. Nevertheless, it is a go to outfit when you don’t find anything in your closet. A black bodycon dress with pair of sneakers look good.

Trench coats were first worn by British but as time Parisians decided this look for themselves. This suited the weather as well as matched their beige palette. It wasn’t only chic but made the outfit look more powerful. And as time passed and trends changed, they changed designs, patterns and colours. A trench coat is classic and worn during early fall mostly.

In conclusion, as per Coco Chanel’s quote in the aforementioned paragraph, the French style is more about simplicity. They love looking poised and are never overdressed. Their style has inspired many people out there by boosting self confidence and their vogue speaks out loud to held one’s head high.