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Soul sistHER


The Timber Museum,

You. SistHERs. This is for you 😊

-Mirimiri & Wairua mahi
Cleansing, rebalancing, intuitive guidance, card readings
-Creative art
-Mini empowerment photoshoot

And wherever the day takes us.

If you feel depleated, exhausted or like you are searching for something but cant quite put your finger on it then this may be the space for you.
A womens group event where we come together to heal individually.
You really have to experience the mauri of soul sistHER to be able to explain it.
soul sistHER is a feeling. Like a hug you have longed for from your favourite person, it is like returning home after a trip away, it is safe, it is a sanctury.

If you would like to join us in our retreat then please dm us on Instagram to register

The sistHERhood

Welcome to Soul sistHER!

Created for the mum's, the career women, the entreprenuer, the explorers, the kindered spirits, the wild ones, the creative souls......
soul sistHER was created for you.

To take some time to pour back into you!
Often times we as women put everyone and everything before ourselves and seldom do we take time out to feel our own emotions.
Soul sisther is an opportunity to not only prioritize your self care but also activate the "pause" button in life.
This experience will challenge you to be vulnerable and to acknowledge your shadow self and start facing some of the hard stuff that we often sweep under the rug...
This is a 3 hour time investment in a calm and beautiful setting that over delivers in value.

Wherever you are on your journey soul sistHER will be beneficial for you.
Come along, bring your soul tribe, lets connect ✨️

soul sistHER

We have combined flow, creative art, breathwork, mini empowerment photoshoots as well as mirimiri & intuitive guidance to create a powerful healing experience.

Seperately these modalities are a force in themselves but together is a powerful experience.

We are extremely passionate in the work we deliver and healing for wāhine.

Rest assured this is a safe, heavily protected and guided space.

If you feel like this would align with you please dont hesitate to reach out to us.