Mel Madgwick Bio —

Learn to make each moment a living, breathing, sacred ritual, with Master Healing Teacher Mel Madgwick

Mel is whole heartedly devoted to divine service and utilising her passions for Mind, Body and Spirit as a “Spiritual Adviser and mentor” for others to step into their own healing, spiritual and Intuitive gifts.

As a healer she offers the popular “Soul Whispers Healing”, with beautiful light activations of crystals, healing mediumship, therapy, oracle and flowers.

As an Author and Prayer Connoisseur she writes the magical channeled “Soul Whispers from the Divine Podcast”. And creates personal spiritual journeys, prayers and activations for those looking to deepen their practice and presence with the higher realms.

As a Spiritual Advisor and Medium she guides others into sacred mindfulness practices, mediumship and healing abilities. These sessions move her clients deeply into higher consciousness and divine service. As well as moving through natures elements, the true meaning of life, sacred symbols and delving deeply into shadow work and subconscious beliefs to help people move into a more spacious, happy, joyful and divine flowing being.

Mel has further University Degrees in Journalism, Communications, Counselling and Psychology. And further certifications in healing, meditation, yoga, kriya, mantra and tantra. It’s these sacred practices and full devotion to the divine that form the basis and foundation of her life and teachings.

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