Soul Art Creation

An artistic brand that brings light and fun into art.

Hi there, my name is Khanya Cewu the founder of Soul Art Creation. I am the creative director of this cool artistic brand. This brand offers unique products and services to customers that love playful and beautiful art.

I enjoy working with people and bringing their creative and artistic vision to life.

We offer unique customized T-shirts, portraits, paintings, and unique designs all for you.

I hope you will enjoy you own unique soul art experience.


Soul Art Creation

Face behind the brand

Khanya Cewu

I am a versatile and growing artists who dabbles on many different mediums. I enjoy drawing and exploring different mediums such as painting on fabric and perfecting all my artistic skills. In this I have managed to obtain a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree in Fine Arts and recently also completed my Honours Degree in Fine Arts, which has helped in shaping my artistic career and abilities.

It is in my nature to constantly push myself beyond my limits and try not to box myself in any category because I know I am capable of doing anything.

The future is bright and I have many upcoming projects I am currently working on and plan to release in the future. I trust in God who is able to carry me through wherever He predestined for me to be. I also trust in the abilities He has placed within me, to bring out the best artistic works of art ever imagined.

As I grow in becoming the woman God intended for me to be I hope to inspire you to pursue your own dreams. To use your own God given abilities and to maximize them to the fullest.

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A picture is a poem without words” -Horace

My art represents my own story in many different ways. I love incorporating portrait studies within my work, because I find so much beauty in the reflection of many different people. We are all made in the image of God and in that alone, there is so much beauty and wonder to be celebrated.

Portrait Studies

"Practice makes permanent." I use to hear this statement from my Grade 9 teacher and it has really stuck with me. It has lead me to practice my craft almost daily and the fruits of that are evident through every piece. My tip is to never stop creating because it only gets better.


Final Year Exbhition

Recently Nelson Mandela University presented the final year exbhition for the third years of 2021 and I was honored to be a part of it.

This body of work is titled " Absence made Present" and speaks about the absence of something or someone being so raw and felt that it becomes a presence in itself. An example is the presence of God which is all so present in our lives but we can not physically see God because He is absent in body. Yet He is always with us in Spirit.

New series  —

Something New

If you check out my posts on Instagram, you'll see that God is doing a new thing. I rarely add color on my artworks or even words but I see a shift is happening and I am loving it. It's all for God's glory and anything I do will always be for Him first.

Hope you also enjoy it.

Portrait Studies: Paintings —

I have been adding more colors on my palette and that has resulted in me painting a lot more. I am truly enjoying it, capturing beautiful people but this time using a brush instead of pencil.


"Bringing the fun and light into art."

Do follow my art page on Instagram for more updates 💕: @artbykhanya

Peace and love to you all.

Khanya Cewu xx