Get to know Alissa! 🧚🏼

“Give yourself time to grow..”

Welcome soulful beings! My name is Alissa and I go by your Earth Faery Alissa! A faery who connects to earth profoundly. You can always find me with her! Eye am an essence of energy in human form who was placed on Mama Earth to lead and guide the lives of others through healing. Eye am not one who heals you, but rather is aiding in your rediscovery of your own essence and the power you have the heal yourself for your highest good, potential, and purpose.

As eye spend my time here on the physical plane, located in Los Angeles. Eye am using sound healing as my tool. Which is also my calling allowing me to share the healing energy with you.

Sound healing is an ancient meditative and healing practice that uses a variety of different musical instruments that amplify sound and energy. Using the frequency and vibrations formulated from the sounds aids in creating healing in the mind, body, and spirit.

Eye am here to provide you with opportunities to rebalance, recharge, and remove energies in your energetic fields and chakras systems so healing can occur for you on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). Allow me to assist you in obtaining relaxation, inner peace, and healing through sound healing.

Thank you for being here soulful being! You were redirected back to your divine essence and are now here to begin your own journey into enlightenment and healing! Eye look forward to reaching you on your path!