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Hi, I'm Jewel. I liken myself to being an eclectic Left Hand Path pagan and follow concepts such as cause and effect and Hermeticism/Kybalion (all truth is but a half truth). Along with that theory, I believe the only truth that matters is yours! Nobody can expressly live your truth quite like you can. Each person is unique and still a part of the collective consciousness.

My mission: to help others by offering my own truth, knowledge and abilities as tools to promote individual growth. I can't wave a magic wand and make everything all better for anybody or get you that fancy thing you've been after because we all have free will and that choice must be left to each person to pursue as they see fit...but I can certainly be a guiding voice and a catalyst for your positive change. And the best part? It's mutually beneficial. Even when the student becomes a master, that person is still always learning and growing. We will always meet someone who knows more than we do!

I'll be sharing lots of stuff on shadow work: soul integration! We'll do the light stuff and dark. I like to spread awareness on toxic positivity, but still find it important to promote the attitude of gratitude and the law of positivity. Balance and all that jazz.

I do tarot, oracle and pendulum at the moment. Sometimes a loved one will come through as a mediumship but that's usually only when they're super adamant to reach you. Generally, I don't offer mediumship. I also do some mentoring/life coaching.

I'd really like to get to know you all! I look forward to seeing your comments and interactions. Feel free to share what resonates with you (from the page and in the comments) and message the page directly if you would like to schedule services or if you have any questions.

Thanks for being here! I appreciate you all!

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Small doses of hot topics like astral travel, psychic sheilding and love & relationships to name a few.


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