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Hey! 👋🏽

My name is Ciara, I’m 22, and I’ve been diving deep the last few years into discovering what self love means, and the first step, all comes from inside YOU!

Life isn’t perfect, life isn’t always easy and neither are the obstacles that face us...but it’s what we do with our obstacles and these challenges that mould our present and future. I like to look at it as re-wiring the brain into practicing more positive thoughts and behaviour.

I’ve had so many questions over the years on how I stay so positive in tough situations, and how I still seem to manifest positive relationships and experiences again and again, despite the obstacles I may be facing. So, with that, I thought I would put together all I have learnt, and what I use and do daily to maintain and increase my inner peace, happiness and positivity, even in the dark times, and ensuring I am manifesting a greater future.

I have happily created two products, our NEW self love soul goodie bag, at £22, or our advanced and descriptive self love box.

I am here to share all of my knowledge I have accumulated over the last few years, and sharing with you what is brining me daily peace, happiness and self love.

DM me via Instagram or Facebook for any enquiries or orders.

Start your self love journey to inner peace with me! Learn all things manifestation, moon, and moving towards happiness. Love and light, Ciara

🎄* Request your bespoke Christmas gifts! The gift that keeps on giving.

What’s it all about?

Self love, manifestation and dreaming BIG

I like to believe we’ve all been sent here for a reason, we serve a purpose and it’s our job to tap into our magic and to answer our calling!

I’ve always had an inkling from a young age that there was ‘more to life’, than working a 9-5 job that makes us unhappy, comfortable, and just settling for less, relationship wise, job wise, and DOING wise. We should be enjoying all that we do, and learning to work with the obstacles that face our way, and challenge us at the time... because it’s the downfalls and pain that help us learn, heal and flourish. I am learning this, and when you find peace within your chaos, and work with your magic and inner peace instead, you will see life from a new perspective, and settle for nothing less, and will say NO kindly, to anything that isn’t setting your soul on fire...

What’s included?

Everything you need for self love and to self heal...

Really feel that self love and start your daily practices with me, Ciara!

I’ve collected everything I’ve used over the years that have really enhanced my small daily practices to self love, to eliminate and work with any anxiety I may be feeling, small practices to ground me for the day, to own and find my confidence, to believe in myself, in every way possible, and to work with the universe and law of attraction.

From Rose Quartz crystals, to clearing all negative energy with sage, from sage to affirmation booklets, guidance from me and using what I practice everyday to find peace... you can start your self love and happiness journey with me! I have all the magical little tools, and all you need to do is work with the magic within you, to create your peaceful present, and promising future.

What we offer

Our two self love manifestation packs... Box, or Bag?

SoultoSoul provide TWO unique products, and any customer will benefit from any product, it’s just all dependent on what level of personal service they request!

The self love manifestation Box- £40

SoultoSouls ORIGINAL and first product launch. The self love box is extremely personal and has only 100% love and time put into it.

As well as including Two Rose Quartz crystals, white sage, an affirmation journal diary, 3 beautiful affirmation picture cards... our self love box also includes something very unique and personal, that takes around two hours to make, dependant on the customers request.

We hand write a personal 18-20 page gorgeous booklet, on clean crisp white card only, which includes all product information, what to do with your crystals, sage and affirmation booklet, meditation tips, my personal happiness tips my must have apps and books, and all things moon, manifestation and happiness. Our booklet also includes everything that I, Ciara, have learnt so far on my spiritual journey, and what I practice everyday to connect myself to the universe, and to manifest my goals and dreams.

(Booklet is made with so much love and detail. Takes around 2 hours to make.)


Our self love manifestation BAG- £22

Again, is only made with 100% love, just the same as our Box!

(Handmade 18-20 page happiness tip booklet not included.)

What does it include?

1. One heart tumbled rose quartz crystal, promoting self love, self healing and positive relationships. Carry this with you everyday and keep it close to your heart.

2. One RAW rose quartz large crystal. Same as the tumbled, but a raw, larger version used for your home, to bring in and maintain healthy and positive love, increase self love, confidence, self esteem and all round love and peace.

3. One white sage for your home. Increases spiritual awareness and grounding, balances out any low or unbalanced energy around you or in your home, increasing positive energy, and is a antibacterial!

4. Two beautiful picture affirmation cards to keep in your sacred space / home. A little positive affirmation to look at every time you walk past them. A gentle reminder to love yourself and that you are on the right path.

All of this in ONE bag, with a little card, including information on what your crystals and sage are for. - All for £22.00!

A more cost effective product I have been planning to launch for christmas, along side our self love BOXES (which includes more).

So everyone has two options instead of one, and I wanted to give a little more this year for Christmas, as covid has been a pain in the peach for everyone, but it shouldn’t stop you from giving yourself some self love.

I’ve been so excited to launch this new little self love bag, all ready for Christmas, to give to yourself, or to use as the perfect Christmas gift! 🎄

We focus on every little detail...

Here is a beautiful photo from one of our customers who purchased our Self love manifestation BOX.

We use the cutest materials, and put only 100% love into our products, making sure every box and bag is perfection.

My journey to self healing

My journey will never end, as we can never stop learning, healing, reflecting and self educating!

I’ve learnt that we can self heal, re-wire our brains and old belief systems, into becoming our greatest versions, and that is my life mission, to constantly learn, thrive, grow, and learn from my own enduring life experiences, living for the eyes of ourselves, not others.

Lastly, learning that I, and we, can all grow from any trauma we have encountered, or are encountering, and use all of our obstacles as a tool to heal, and to become our greatest versions, manifesting a greater life.


Our SoultoSoul products are UNISEX, and can be personalised and bespoke for any customer. I am sharing with you, all of the tips, tools, information and products that have helped me on my spiritual, self love and self healing journey. I hope you love the products as much as I do!

Namaste 🤍


What I’ve created and why...

I, Ciara, have created my very own self healing, self love and manifestation packages, from my soul only, to yours, to help you heal, manifest and self educate along the way. A small and efficient programme, directing you to self healing, working with the mind, to find daily peace and happiness.

The best bit...

And were saving the best till' last - our hand written, bespoke 'Happiness, crystal, moon, and manifestation' tip booklet! Providing you with all of the information that enhanced my connection to the universe, and daily tips to happiness, ready for you to learn, and heal.

How does it work?

DM me with any questions you have in regards to the starter pack / healing packages. I will ask you a few questions in regards to where you want to heal, what area of your life, this can be relationships, trauma; childhood work, anything! Or it can be that you simply want to learn more about crystals and healing.

Everything is tailored to your needs, so there are many areas and topics we can focus your healing on!

If you have any questions, please DM me. There is no right or wrong answer with healing! The packages are a nice, simple and easy way to learn about emotional healing, and the beginning to crystal healing.