Sound Reserve Studio

We offer a range of services such as recording, mixing, vocal editing, pitch correction and production.

Recording - $150 includes 5-hour session plus $75 a mix. Any additional songs recorded in the 5 hour period will be an additional $75 a mix while being tracked with me. (Vocal editing included in this package, manual pitch correction is more if I have to correct more than 5 pitches.)

Mixing - $100 for songs that already have a produced, mixed instrumental such as a karaoke instrumental and mixing vocals into it. $150 a mix for songs that the instrumentation needs to be mixed as well.

Manual pitch correction - $40 to pitch your vocals manually.

Vocal editing - $25 to clean up your vocals and remove background noise and any other unwanted sounds.

Production - we will discuss but the bare minimum would be $200.

Over 10 years experience and worked with a ton of artists such as Jared Anthony, Yo Brickz (aka Chris Young), Dsmitty, DVO, Konah Raynes, Colin Frandsen, Crooked, Cool Kid, Ramze, Jay Braaks, Myles Kushman, JKnight, Bruce B, J Gooch, Kader, Leeba The Gorilla and many more!

Contact at soundreservestudio@gmail.com

Here are songs I’ve mixed and some I’ve produced on YouTube.

Yo Brickz - Superman

Yo Brickz - Apologize

Jared Anthony - Crossfire

Jared Anthony - Flight

Jared Anthony - Far From Perfect

Jared Anthony - Funeral

Colin Frandsen - Time Flies

Colin Frandsen - One Last Time

DVO - Nothing Without You (Cover)

DVO - After Hours (Cover)

DVO - Faith (Cover)

DVO - Too Late (Cover)

DVO - Alive

Crooked - Coming For Blood

Myles Kushman - F.Y.L

Myles Kushman - AIRMYLES