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1. pemotong kertas

paper trimmer cutter.

2. Jaehyun Perfume

Jo Malone wood sage

3. Taeyong Perfume

Jo Malone Blackberry

4. Storage Box

white storage box from miniso

5. Hydrogel Water Beads

transparent water balls to
decorate the glass bottle.

6. Bolpoin Transparan

transparent white pen

7. Gunting Transparan

scissors with a minimalist aesthetic design

8. Leather Jacket

leather jackets at affordable price

9. Cermin Love

Heart shaped mirror with transparent frame

10. Jennie Vest

black-and-white vest worn by blackpink Jennie

11. Jennie Outer

crop outer with a grid motif

12. Korean Cardigan

Korean style white cardigan

13. Choco Pants

high-waist brown culotte with jeans material

14. High-waist Jeans

high-waist wide-leg denim jeans with Korean style & adjustable size.

15. Crewneck Athletic

cream colored crewneck sweater with prices starting from IDR 26000

16. Crewneck creme de la creme

crewneck sweater with dark green color & minimalist design

17. Varsity Jacket

Dark green varsity jacket with leather on sleeves

18. White Sling Bag

white sling bag with minimalist style and very affordable price, only IDR 21,999

19. Vintage Totebag

vintage tote bag that fits a lot of luggage, affordable prices with good quality

20. Oversized Tee

Korean long-sleeved shirt with
blue-and-white stripes

21. Pullover Sweatshirt

korean sweatshirt with an oversized size and a stripe pattern with a touch of apricot color

22. Korean Cartoon Thin T-shirt

Korean loose t-shirt with adorable
cartoon design ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

23. White Blouse

white blouse with patterned fabric that is suitable for daily to formal events

24. Floral Blouse

korean floral blouse with floral patterns and soft colors is perfect for wearing anywhere

25. Tanktop Vintage

Cottage style floral tank top with adjustable size

26. Tie Dye Dress

midi dress with tie dye fabric motif which is very comfortable for daily use or for outings

27. French Toast Crop Tee

Brown crop tee with a very cute minimalist aesthetic design.

28. Floral Crop Top

crop top with small floral motifs is perfect for your cottage feel outfits!

29. Cardigan

super affordable cardigan for outer in a beautiful minimalist style

30. Loose pants high-waist

Loose high waist trousers with bright soft colors from scuba fabric.

31. Curduroy Jacket

curduroy jacket with oversized minimalist style

32. Floral dress

The vintage floral patterned dress is perfect for the cottage outfit!

33. floral backpack

coquette backpack ˋ ୨୧ ˊ

34. Dompet Sanrio

a wallet with a very pathetic sanrio character. small in size but fits for many stuffs.