Syrani Sands

Seer, Strategist + Soul Biz Guide

I am the bridger of worlds. I see beauty in complexity and systems. I see you and your soul. And I know exactly how to support you from making the transition from one old unserving way... to the most empowered and aligned vision for your life. If you dare let me in...

I have had an extensive and esteemed career in Global Change + Creating Social Change Impact Projects and Movements. I am the master of tapping into flow + peak performance when it comes to creating success and impact in the 3D.

But I know the missing key 🔑 to your inner success, freedom and total life and wealth sovereignty lays beyond the material world, in the world of energy + frequency.

Because I have an unique gift to see “the whole”, mixed with my Scorpio Splenic Projector (Human Design) hawk-like vision, that cuts the noise and gets right to the depth. If you don’t want to be fully seen, you don’t want to lean into the discomfort of growth, you’re not ready to face your shadows and love your inner child like no one ever has... and you don’t want to be empowered to take radical self-responsibility on a soul level to upgrade your life... I can say now, I’m probably not the Business Partner for you ✌🏼

Above all - my mission is to live by example. To live my freedom filled, purpose driven, soul-led, inner peace, off-grid, slow-living, conscious parenting, financially empowered, totally sovereign and connected deeply to nature day-to-day life... and to overflow the highest frequency out to the Earth from a full and overflowing cup 🌏💦

“It is not what you do, but who you be...”

UWA Science Graduation Keynote Speech 2021