Hii! This is @sozcharls website!! Here’s what will be on my website!!

What will be on my website! <3

Hii! Here’s what will be on my website!!
- coloring tuts
- theme tuts
- some bios, captions, and symbols!! <3

Look below! <3

Hii here’s a coloring tut! ( if u use this pls give creds in ur bio )

Apps needed: 24fps, colortune
- 24fps -
First, go on the app 24fps and press import.
Choose a video/photo and press use! Then
Press the 3 circles that are red, green, blue.
Then press the plus and press the 2nd option.
And you’ll need a qr code. ( the qr code I use is
On the photo above take a screenshot ) and then on the bottom there’s a save button. Press
It but on the 1st option make sure that’s off bc then there will be a wm. But press the second option. < save as video > then - Colourtone -
First press on video and choose the video we
Did on 24fps and press import. Then press on the video and at the bottom there’s a button
< edit > press that and then press on the rainbow box in the bottom left and swipe till
You find the filter named < avalon > press it
And then press export. Then when it’s done exporting ur finished!!