How to make my cafe coloring!

App - Prequel !

Exposure -100
Contrast 50
Highlights - 100
Shadows -100
Blur (only for apple products) 50-100 :)

Gem & the magic jewelry (my story/book)

“Wake up! GEM HELLO?” said my little sister Hope “What do you want?” “For you to wake up..” “Okay give me a few minutes” My sister walked out of my room rolling her eyes while I put my covers back on top of me. I probably should have gone out of my room with Hope, but I wanted to sleep. “Ugh what is that noise?” I said tiredly “GRAB THE CAT GREG” The person yelling is my mother, Greg is my father. We are a family of 4. I guess that's my que to get out of my room” I walked out of my room with my blanket wrapped around me. “Look who's alive, ha!” exclaims Hope “Really Hope? So funny.” I said annoyed “What do you wanna eat Gem?” “I'm fine with toast” “Then make it?” “ Wow thanks for the help!” I continued to make my toast. “You know today is your first day at magic school Hope?” “Why would I forget?” she said tense “I was just reminding you. It will be so fun trust me! You will be a real witch! Cool right?” “I guess? You know I'm not that excited for it Gem.” “Why not, are you scared of blowing up our cat?” “NO! I would never be THAT clumsy!” “mhm” I said laughing. “I'm going to get dressed.” “Okay! I will make you breakfast!” I said trying to cheer her up. My parents walked in the room panting with our cat Jupiter in their hands. Hope finished getting dressed, and came down stairs. We finished breakfast and we walked to school. It was pretty far, but we made it. I was showing Hope the school, but we got locked in a room. The lights shut off, and 2 boxes appeared on the teachers desk. “Is this normal?” Hope said looking normal?” Hope said “No this has never happened before.” “Gem, use your wand! HELP US OUT!” “I haven't learned a spell to open locked doors.” “And I haven't learned anything, and I probably won't because we will be stuck here to rot!” “Grab the Boxes Hope” I said firmly “W-what? They may be a trap” ''High percent it will be, but it may be the only way out” Hope walked slowly towards the boxes, and picked one up. “It has an odd sign on it” Hope said as she squinted her eyes “Don't worry about what the boxes look like and bring them to me” Hope grabbed the second box and handed me one “On the count of three we will open the Hope, Okay?” “Okay.” We opened the box to see jewelry. “Earrings?” Hope said. “I got a necklace.” “Yeah, Gem this will help us sooo much!” Hope said sarcastically. “I can find out what to do with them.” “I like my earrings.” “then put them on?” “Okay, I will” Hope put them on and a note appeared. “What did I do Gem?..” “I don’t know? Read it?” “Okay, it says ‘Hello reader, these pairs of earrings are magical, just like your school. They grant you powers to turn into any animal you want. Even though you will be an animal you still talk like a human. Just say turn me into a Giraffe and it will work.” “Nice.” “You don't seem happy I get powers.” “Whatever, turn into an ant and unlock the door” “Fine, turn me into an ant.” Hope became an ant and unlocked the door. “Now turn me into a Human, Better Gem?” “Good job! I wouldn't be able to do this alone Gem!!” We laughed and went to class.