A Space For Grace, LLC

Developing the Whole Child Through the Arts!

A Space for Grace is an enrichment project equipping the whole child to navigate through life successfully. A Space for Grace offers a creative learner- centered curriculum that emphasizes literacy through social emotional learning (SEL) practices, the arts, self-awareness, interpersonal/ intrapersonal relationships, scholarship, mentorship, and leadership. A Space for Grace develops children between grades 6-9 to meet the challenges of their time, to become extraordinary thinkers and innovators, courageous leaders, and citizens of integrity in the following principles; education, art, health and wellness, culture and diversity, etiquette, and family empowerment.

Home of the Arts
Summer Project Information Ahead >>>

Upcoming Grace Opportunities

* Home of The Arts Summer Project (Registration Open Now- June 20,2021)

* Etiquette & Empowerment Tea Party

* Cultivating A Space For Grace: Professional Development for New Teachers-December 2021

* A Space For Grace, Mentoring Groups- January 2022

* In My B.A.G ; Books & Girls- January 2022

* Honey, I Shrunk The Grace: Professional Development for Experienced Teachers - TBA

* Honey, I Shrunk The Grace: Parent Edition - TBA

We are currently seeking Creative Instructors!
FOR EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES, please email your resume to [email protected]

Mission & Outcomes

We exist to equip young people in the following areas:

1. Literacy

2. Health and Wellness

3. Arts, Culture and Diversity (House of Arts Summer Project)

4. Etiquette

5. Family Empowerment

Space for Grace is committed to cultivating ingenuity and developing confident, articulate readers, writers, and speakers through arts integration and project-based learning.

Why A Space For Grace?

Space for Grace is for the creative thinker who doesn’t have it all together but knows that he/she was born to impact the world. It’s for the creative who may be surrounded by everyday challenges but chooses to thrive anyway! It’s for the child who has not always excelled academically but is not willing to neglect the future, but rather navigate through his/her choices and challenges. Grace is happening here.

Meet the Founder

It’s my pleasure to connect with you soon!

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @aspaceforgracellc