(Protector Alter)

I'm seventeen, same age as the body. I'm rewriting this for the second time because this app decided to crash. I am the protector as well as a sexual alter. I used to be a prosecutor, but not anymore. I'm a dominant male and I take my BDSM lifestyle seriously. I am only interested in sexual relationships outside of the system, no romantic ones. I am romantically and sexually with one of the other alters, their name is Bee and they are my baby. But anyway, as I said I am interested in sexual relationships, meaning I would like to have multiple submissives.

I enjoy dark art, bones, trap metal, emo rap, music genres similar to those. I also enjoy Bring Me The Horizon and Beartooth. I may seem like a hard ass, and I am, but I'm also fairly nice. I'm nice to people who deserve it, and I'm respectable to people who deserve it. So if you're on my good side then you should be okay. I'm into gore, horror, and all of that. I enjoy writing the hard kink concepts for our NSFW account.

I've been in existence for quite some time, I cannot remember not existing, but many can't right? I did start of as a persecutor but I have evolved and learned and now I put my efforts into protecting, not harming us.

I enjoy talking about bones, history facts, philosophy, so if you are interested in those things as well please come talk to me about them. I enjoy true crime shows as well, my favorite as of right now is evil lives here, it is very good, highly recommend. I can sometimes be non talkative and I apologize for that and I'm working on it.


Protector Alter

Hia! I'm Bee! I'm a protector Alter but also an animal alter,, a cat. I'll scratch ya eyes out bby
I'm VERY bi, boys n girls and anything in between are cute, I would like to say nsfw tings but I am being told not to rip
But I'm with Dominic! I love him, annd I'm also polyam like having relationships out of us.
Uhmm, I'm like very excitable and me or Brandon will 100% be the ones talking about tea. I love tea just as much as he does.
I'm a bit brave but also shy ah, depends on the situation. I love love animals. And I love love sweet foods, also like exotic foods. Well exotic in my american boi mind. Chinese is my ultimate favorite and I really wanna try traditional traditional chinese dishes. I like to be outside, and I love to swim so like summer is one of my favorite seasons but I guess all of em are my favorites, like I have likes in all of the seasons.
I love sweaters and fashion! (Am currently working on the closet of ours for we are not doing well in that department)
I really like history, I love to learn all the stories and stuff. I also love sci-fi and fantasy stuff, the 100 is so good! My attention span is short tho so watching tv is difficult for me, I prefer to jus hangout and I love to draw! Drawing is my passion and something I can focus on a lot!
Also alt girls who wear big boots and chains, step on me uwu