Just a little to get to know about us!

We’re 5 owners and we’re a multi Fanpage account!

Here are the owners names and usernames!

emilie / @lustfulcrs

zizo / @zeecrs

zara / @chicgs

syd / @dukikin

fiona / @vntcrs

ola / @docecrs

we’re posting a few people on our multi account here they are:

emelie is gonna post: clothing, billie eilish, and boba/food!

zizo is gonna post: anime weebs for example @vendetta.v._ or @zikiyuh

zara is gonna post: Brooke and mads.yo

syd is gonna post: charli, Maddison beer and Lauren Kettering

fiona is gonna post: patty, Loren gray and Ariana grande

ola is gonna post: charli, billie, addison and more!

Here is a coloring tutorial BUT this is NOT our coloring all cc are going to addscherie!!

addscheries coloring tut!!

24fps: import the filter “Tak3 me O3”’
into the app 24fps! To find the code
just search up “Tak3 me O3” on TikTok
and you should find it. make sure
the filter is at 100% too!

Ultralight: Clarity -10, Sharpen -10,
and lastly Noise -10! next save!

B612: import your video, then select
the filter “fade 1” and set it to 80%!

Prequal: Exposure to 50%, Highlights to
50% as well, blur you can put to basically
whatever you want/prefer! I do 25 tho
next go to filters and do the filter called
“Oakland 2” set that one to 50%! but if
It’s too dark or too light adjust it!

anyways that’s all! give cc to @addscherie
better known as reet! next are fonts!