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Fresh Philippines virtual catalog

20% off at Zenutrients!

Use code LUNA upon checkout

Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice Soothing Gel Lotion

Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice Booster Serum

Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice pH 5.5 Toner

Vaseline Prime and Shine

Squad Cosmetics Lip Oil

Charis N+ Clear Toner

GRWM Cosmetics PR kit (all shades)

LabNo Cicaloe Water Soothing Cream

Burn Book

Inspired by Burn After Writing, this is a nice therapeutic book! Perfect for your journaling needs

Fresh Skinlab Jeju UV Sunblock

My fave sunscreen!!! So lightweight and nice!

Self Coding Code: Crush Lipstick

A soft, cloud-like lipstick perfect for that blurred lip!

Folklore Polaroids (Imitation only)

A lovely collection of Polaroids inspired by Taylor Swift's Folklore

Fresh Skinlab Green Tea and Cucumber Jelly Mist

One of Fresh Skinlab's newest products--a jelly mist that is perfect for summer

Fresh Skinlab Watermelon Jelly Mist

Feel so summery with the Fresh Skinlab Watermelon Jelly Mist

Fresh Skinlab Tomato Face and Body Mist

A renewed version of my fave Fresh Skinlab Tomato Mist!

Scent Swatch Sampler

A 195 peso perfume sampler containing 10 scents!!! SUPER SULIT

Paperang Inkless Thermal Printer

A very handy thermal and inkless bluetooth printer that you can bring anywhere

38 Php Eyeliner

Long-lasting and super affordable colored eyeliner

Squad Cosmetics Squadlet Palette (Serene)

A 99 Peso eyeshadow palette that really works!

Vice Co x BT21 Dewy Tint (Brick Red)

One of my fave lip tints. It lasts long--even under a mask! Plus,
it's super affordable, too!

Vice Cosmetics Dewy Tint (Merry Mauve)

A perfect daily shade! Lasts long, and so affordable too

Vice Cosmetics Dewy Tint (Fresh Nude)

A nude shade that blends well with any skin tone

Vice Cosmetics Cheeky Blush (Everyday Nude)

A nude blush that compliments any skin tone

Vice Cosmetics Cheeky Blush (Playful Pink)

A super easy to blend cream blush--a little goes a long way, and lasts a long while, too!

Squad Cosmetics Happy Pot (Muse)

A 99 Peso multi-use product that looks so natural and lasts long

Squad Cosmetics Happy Pot (College)

99 Peso multi-use product that gives just the right amount of color to the cheeks.

BLK Airy Matte

An ultra soft, cloud-like, airy matte lipstick that lasts under a mask

Careline Graph Ink Liner

A jet black eyeliner that is easy to use and gives full precision

Happy Skin Glossy Tint

Another fave lip tint. Glossy and juicy but never oily! Perfect under the mask, too bec it lasts long

Perfect Diary Mini Matte Dreamworld Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

A matte lipstick that lasts even under a mask--here's a 6 pc mini version so you can try a lot of shades (910 and 922 are my favorites)

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint - Almond Rose

A beautiful, juicy, MLBB shade that just looks so pretty on the lips!

Kate Tokyo Super Sharp Black Eyeliner

Kate Tokyo Super Sharp Liner is a renowned Japanese eyeliner that glides easily and gives your eyes that extra oomph

Kate Tokyo Super Sharp Liner - Brown

A Brown version of the Kate Tokyo eyeliner

Teviant Mademoiselle Eyeshadow Palette

Obsessed with this palette! You can create many looks, and it gives your eyes some life even when the rest of your face is under a mask. On sale, too!

Careline Multi-use Stick

Easy to use multi-use sticks for the eyes, cheeks, and lips! Choose your favorite

Y2k / Vintage - Style Bag

A chic and stylish--and affordable--vintage-style bag. So reminiscent of the 2000s--minus the price tag!

Aesthetic and Affordable Shelf

Super cute and affordable aesthetically-pleasing book shelf--you can use it for your toys, decor, or other items, too!


My favorite tomato glass skin soothing gel from Fresh Skinlab. Love how this hydrates my skin and makes me makinis and fresh!

In Her Element Masknegel

An effective breakout / acne buster that works as fast as 24 hours!

QUICKFX Face and Body Sunscreen

A cooling, soothing sunscreen

Fresh Skinlab Charcoal Mouthwash

An affordable mouthwash that really works! Love how this takes the dirt out, and protects the mouth from bacteria, too!

Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Cooling Lotion

A Lotion that's so cooling, it'll bring you some comfort from the summer heat. I swear this really works.

Fresh Skinlab Tomato Glass Skin Toner

An affordable hydrating toner

Fresh Skinlab Tomato Glass Skin Foaming Cleanser

A gentle foaming cleanser that keeps the skin balanced and hydrated the

Trendy Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans are in! Check out this cute pair here

Trendy Knitted Top

Affordable knitted top that's perfect for the summer and beyond

Cute Pastel Summer Top

Super cute pastel top that's perfect for the summer!

Mini Carpet

A mini carpet / throw rug that you can lounge on--so affordable, too!

Avengers Hoodie

Avengers Hoodies for riders like me! Available in M-XXL

Foldable Mini Desk

perfect for hobbies or having breakfast in bed!

Hotel Quality Pillows

Fluffy, hotel quality pillows to give you a good night's rest!

Affordable Comforter

An affordable but nice and soft comforter

Wedge Pillows for Reflux

Wedge Pillows that can help lessenthe effects of acid reflux, silent reflux, gerd, etc.

Affordable and Pretty Throw Pillow Case

Affordable but aesthetically-pleasing throw pillow cases

Yoga Mat for Beginners

Affordable yoga mat for beginners

Super chic pastel bag

A trendy and chic pastel bag that won't break the bank

Chic Office Bag

Perfect for the office, or for any other lakad. Affordable, too!

Useful and Super Affordable Bag

Roomy, affordable, and super useful bag. I've been using this a lot whenever we go riding

Harry Potter MinaLima Illustrated Edition

Relieve the magic with this fully illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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