About Me: Nikki

A little background info.

on September 28th 2018, I was thrown from my boyfriend's suburban out on the highway. it is unknown if I was push out of the vehicle or if I had jumped... I just remember calling my birth mother for help and waking up in the hospital 4 days later. This incident was merely just the near fatal ending of our relationship, and the beginning of the rest of my life. I've experienced a lot of tragedy in my life since a child. The more I survive however, the further my soul separates from this world. A person can only take so much, ya know. I don't want to survive each day only for more pain and heartache. I want to live for once. I want to be happy and move on from the past. I fear though that Idk how.

I have 3 perfect children, I was once a wonderful mother, now I'm just absent. And it kills me. What kills me more than being away from them, is when I am with them I worry that my presence is somehow going taint them. I was damaged by my mother... by my childhood... I'm broken and damaged, I'm just no good.

But I wasn't always this way. In spite, the demons in mind created from my childhood, at one point I had tamed them. I fell in love with a man who unleashed his own demons on me and they've released mine. I have danced with the devil for so long, I don't know if there's a way out of the darkness but I'm trying to find my way.

I'll take you with me on this journey, and share my story. That is if you're not too afraid...