Here are tutorials for my videos :)

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Reminder- you’re beautiful the way you are :)


Here are the fonts I use for the current theme I am using! (By addslunar

-Garlic Salt
-Menina Garciosa
-Paris Old style
-Can dog
-Cheeky Rabit
-Good Mood
-Habede Extra Doodles
-Spring Romance
-Byom Icons
-Hipster Icons

Coloring tutorial!

Here is my coloring tutorial! (by charldiors)

Apps you will need:
Prequel and ultralight and 24fps
(Only available on
Apple devices)

First is 24fps
Second is Prequel
Third is 24fps
Last is ultralight

First go to the app
“24fps” and scan the QR code
(Red flavor) right above this
for the filter! Put the filter to 100%. Then save! (How
to import the we code tut
coming very soon)

Then you want to go to the app

Add the filter “OakLand” and
put the filter on 13%

Add the effect “Dust #1” and
the settings must be 100% on
dust, 20% on filter, and 0%
on dispersion.

Exposure: -16%
Contrast: -25%
Highlights: -50%
Shadows: -100%
Haze: 16%
Glow: 18%
Blur: 50%

Then go back to the
app 24fps! Scan the qr
code labeled “raspberry” above
for the filter! Put it at 100% (This part is Creds to me)

Then go to the app,
Ultralight and press the
Triangle at the bottoms
Put the clarity to -10 and the sharpen to -10! (This part is also Creds
to me)

Then you are done!

Go to the next slide for my bio!

Here is my bio! (No Creds needed)

Just copy and paste it!

⌗ _________ ᜊ _________ ✿
⤷‧₊˚ ________ :: stay safe !
— not impersonating 🧾

Here are some symbols!

Enjoy these symbols!

⌗ᜊ ✿⤷‧₊˚ :: 🧾

Below will be some fonts and a coloring tut for my Valentines theme! (both by parisunkins)

Apps: 24fps and Prequel
1.) 24fps:
Scan the QR code above to get the filter!
2.) Prequel:
Exposure: 25
Contrast: -50
Highlights: 50
Shadows: 100
Glow: 25
Blur: 50
Filter: Baby Core at 25% filter
Effect: Dust at 100% dust and 0% filter
After that, add you text!

3.) Prequel:
Intro: Left or right slide
Save that vid!
4.) Prequel:
Intro: Iris Blur

Refresh Extra (for the hearts at the top)
Betterfly (no space) (for the wings)
Poppy (for the arrows and wreath)
Chasing embers (for the pink word)
Garlic salt (for the lines/ square and circle for the bulletin board)
Cheeky Rabit (for the main question/ item menu)
Pretty you (for the 3 hearts)
Rainy Hearts (for the _____ until Valentine’s Day and the word, “sincerely”)
Catlove (no space) (For the wm)
Millennial solstice (for the word between the wings)

I hope you enjoy this : ) -dakreeekcraft

Indie Kid theme!

Below will be some fonts and a coloring tut for my indie kid theme! Indie acc: styleskreek

Apps: your camera roll, prequel, and ultralight!

1.) Camera roll:
Exposure: -10
Highlights: -35
Contrast: -30
Shadows: 50
Saturation: 40
Vibrance: 40
Warmth: -30
Sharpness: 50

2.) Prequel:
Filter: Indie kid: 100% filter
Blur: 75

3.) Ultralight:
Sharpen: +10
Emphasize: -3

Add your text!

4.) Prequel:
Intro: Iris Blur

-Punk Chicken Regular

Here will be fonts and a coloring tutorial for my new St. Patrick’s Day Theme!

Scan the QR code above for the Honey Filter!

Exposure: 50
Contrast: -50
Highlights: -100
Shadows: -50
Skin tone: -100
Temperature: 100
Tint: 30
Haze: 50
Glow: 25
Blur: 25
Filter: Irish: 100%

Clover Things
Garlic Salt
Spring Romance
Cheeky Rabbit
Menina Graciosa

That is it for the St. Patrick’s day theme!