The Speaking Soul

Speaking from the heart, mind and soul

Welcome to my safe haven. Read, and if you like, keep going on!

Have a good journey, through my life.

Poetry- #1


The mind is an illusion,
The heart is a dream,
The victims of their lies,
Are you, and me.

Feelings and emotions,
It's all a big scam,
They don't know who they are,
And yet they ask me who I am.

I don't have an identity,
I'm a free spirit, like all the others,
And just like that, one day,
We'll be buried deep with our brothers.

No one will live to differentiate,
Between the riches, and the dirty slums,
Because the mind is an illusion,
The heart is a dream,
And in between,
Countless lies to overcome.

~ Manasvi Goel

Poem- #2

Fake smile

The moon reflects my doom,
Showing me my inner gloom,
And how I've been hiding it,
All this while
Behind a fake smile.

How, I can't breathe,
Trapped in my own lies,
My mind- my biggest enemy,
And the truth, my fake smile.

Staring into a deep void,
Endless within my heart,
The power of my agony,
Gives nostalgia a head start.

I am not afraid of it,
Afraid of losing me,
But if I shout it out loud,
Would it even matter to anybody?

~ Manasvi Goel

Poem- #3

Broken heart

Living in my fantasy,
Reality is too hard,
I can't face this black hole
Inside my broken heart.

Staring into emptiness,
Hours and hours on end,
Even the moon, and the merry skies,
Have turned a greyish blend.

All I wanted was to be happy,
For tomorrow to be a fresh start,
But everyday deepens the shattered dream
Inside my vanishing soul,
And my broken heart.

POEM- #4

Worst Heartbreak

Here we go again.
Another round of the I love you's
Another round of the 80's blues,
And another round of my worst heartbreak,
Baby it's all fine, at this point,
I don't really care much about the pain.

Here we go again,
I end up crying under the blanket,
Thinking of all the words unsaid,
And the moments we used to cherish,
That turned to dust,
And the love, that slowly turned to rust.

It doesn't really matter anymore,
I've walked a million times through this door,
Fake I love you's falling to the floor.

I'm on the ride to my next worst heartbreak,
Spent listening to the same old blues,
But don't worry, babe, I don't care about the pain,
I've been here before and I'll be here again.

~Manasvi Goel