Who Am I?

I am Tonetta Clay. I've been through a lot, but have triumphed as well. I infuse my life experiences, lessons and wisdom into everything I do. I'm here to serve the world 🌍 with my skills and abilities with hopes of educating, inspiring and causing change in the lives of those I touch. I always speak with openness, honesty and transparency.

Let's start a Sexual Revolution! I'm all about our Relationships with ourselves first and our partners second. Creating a Sex Positive environment is what I want to see in this world 🌎. People should be able to be who they are in the bedroom and feel a sense of freedom. Freedom from judgment and ridicule to be themselves.

That's why I created my Relationship Coaching Business called Speak Your Truth. I work with Singles who are looking to get into their next relationship, but need a way to drop the past baggage in order to move forward, to allow themselves to be loved again. I work with Couples who are looking to improve their communication outside and inside the bedroom to fire 🔥 up that spark. Communication is Key 🗝️

The private Facebook group, Speak Your Truth Community, was created so that adults could have those Taboo Conversations on all things love, sex and relationships. Come join us.

Let's start a Sexual Revolution y'all ❤️

Merch that helps you Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth Message Merch

Bedroom Kandi and Kandi Koated Boutique

A Boutique full of Sex Toys, Body/Skin Care Products and Make-up.

My YouTube Channel

My channel is about the journey of life. I speak about the experiences and lessons learned in hopes of inspiring those who listen. I'm also a creative who loves bake, cook, make things and dance which you will see in some of the videos. I give you all that I have and show you my life as I'm living it in a open, vulnerable and transparent way.

Step out in Faith

Cooking Demos 😋

Happy Dance