Impressions and Thoughts:

• First on the list of course "snober". sempre di naman mawawala 'to sa list haha i saw your pic before pa magpasukan sabi ko "uy gwapo 'to ha", so i automatically thought you're a snober in person hehe

• Play boy, since you're handsome nga that crossed my mind hehe (don't get me wrong, it's just an impression. now i knew that you're not a play boy you're a lover boy HAHA )

• shytype, and definitely you are.

• A thoughtful person

• Sweet and caring, Actually i never imagine na mararanasan ko yan sayo. I'm so lucky.

• Generous, you never hesitate to buy me stuff.

The most memorable photo of you that i have. This was the first photo of u na ikaw mismo ang nagsend sakin, and that time i already has a crush on you kaya medyo kinilig.

September 2020

Just the two of us

who would have thought that you're actually my suitor? 'cause we're not that super close nung g11 kaya kahit ako, i didn't know na we're gonna end up having mutual feelings. To be honest hindi na talaga ako umaasa na macrushback haha kaya i decided to end my feelings, but you keep on giving me mix signals or it's just me? HAHA kaya di ko magawa iuncrush ka. I keep on thinking of you and most of the time i stalk your social media's, I am manifesting without even realizing it. And then suddenly u confess.

I thank u for everything you've done just to make me happy. I appreciate your effort even the smallest one, like sending tiktok vids hehe. i hope you never get tired of waiting for me. <3

Made this for a special person like you.

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