Hey Special Thing!

About Me

I’m Taz! A 17 year old gal living in New Zealand and when I’m not dancing, working, or spending time with friends I create handmade jewellery. I initially began making jewellery as a creative outlet however, after receiving numerous complements on my items I decide to share them with others by selling them.

I’ve always loved the idea of supporting a local charity with the profits I make, hence with every purchase, I donate $1.00 to Cancer Society. This is a way for me to give back to a foundation which provides so much good in the lives of those which have been turned upside down.

From humble beginnings, my overall aim with Special Treasures is to create a unique brand which keeps up with current jewellery trends to make my customers feel confident and above all… Special.

Check out my page and hopefully you’ll find something that brings you joy ♢ and make sure that you keep swiping → to learn more about my little business, see my top picks, write a review and more!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy xx

Top Picks

The following images show my top recommendations to my followers based on popularity of sales amongst these particular earrings! ☆


Recommendation #1

Snake charmer earrings.


Recommendation #2

Daisy chain earrings.


Recommendation #3

Lightning bolt earrings.


Recommendation #4

Sea-shell earrings.


Recommendation #5

Hollow star earrings.


Eco-friendly never looked so good!

One of the main aspects which Special Treasures is proud to mention is the fact that no harm is caused to the environment with our eco-friendly packaging.

♢ Firstly, a piece of card acts as a base to keep all jewellery in one place. As card is naturally sourced and created from raw material, it can simply be recycled as soon as your special treasures is out of the box and on yo bodyyyy!

♢ From here, multiple layers of tissue paper are wrapped around your product to ensure no damage is done to your jewellery. The use of tissue paper also ensures that no damage is done to the environment as tissue paper is eco-friendly and sourced sustainably (once you have unwrapped your jewellery, reuse your tissue paper for your own gifts, compost your tissue paper, or simply recycle it) if yah can’t tell already, I highly rate tissue paper.

♢ Providing that smooth and simple look, our Kraft paper boxes don’t just look cute, they are natural, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable material. Not much more to say about this step, our Kraft paper boxes make eco-friendly packaging that easy!

♢ Last but not least, we have our natural hemp rope to tie the knot on Special Treasures packaging. Made from hemp fibres, it’s an all-natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable rope choice! Now who could say no to that?!

How’s that for packaging? ♻️⚡️