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🌿Accredited Tarot Reader🌿
Intuitive| Empath| Lightworker
♀︎ Divine Feminine Energy 🌙
She/Her| Los Angeles 📍

Ready and eager to help bring light, messages, soul healing, and raise vibrations.



All readings are done quickly and confidentially through email. My clients receive an in-depth look at the message coming through the cards which is typed and sent in a pdf file which also includes pictures of the cards and is something they can keep and reread again and again.




For custom and general reads I do 1 card per question.

Regular Price | 1st Time Client
1 card = $5 USD | $2.50 USD
2 cards = $10 USD | $5 USD
3 cards = $15 USD | $7.50 USD
4 cards = $20 USD | $10 USD
5 cards = $25 USD | $12.50 USD
6 cards = $30 USD | $15 USD
7 cards = $35 USD | 17.50 USD


I use Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to send payment.


To get a reading:
(First be sure to review my policies on the last page and then)
🔥 Simply click on the link below which takes you to a short form to tell me what you’d like. (Pay in the form or follow up by sending payment) OR
🔥 Send me an email and I will send you an invoice.

Either way, I can’t wait to connect with you!


Be sure to 1. Tell me your name, 2. Number of cards, 3. What your questions are/what you would like to know from your reading without too many specifics. Thank you!


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Paypal - Preferred

$Cashapp - Alternate


Sending you
Love & Light
💗 Jess


🌸 EDA A .🌸

The reading gave me direction and opened up avenues for me which I wasn’t aware. This was my first reading and it left me with a warm feeling in my heart and the choices that I can make now. I will definitely have more readings in the future. Thank you Jess!


Before Jess’s reading, I had been thinking about different areas, choices, and dreams for my life that I had put on the back burner. The reading gave me perspective and encouraged me to consider ways to keep working towards my goals.


Jess’s reading was so much fun and provided perspective and comfort. I felt a connection to my reading and I appreciated the insight that I needed in my life at the time. I think that the reading was able to remind me of my talents and gifts as well as show me how much more I have to offer. Thank you!

Easy Tarot Card Questions to Choose From

I’ve created these two simple lists to help you easily pick out questions for a reading.


⚡️Quick Pick Spreads⚡️
⚡️-3 Card Spreads-⚡️

1. Mind | Body | Soul
2. Past | Present | Future
3. Work | Love | Home
4. Embrace | Accept | Let Go
5. Opportunities | Challenges | Outcomes
6. Strength | Weaknesses | Advice
7. Plant | Nurture | Harvest
8. What you aspire to | What is standing in your way | How you can overcome
9. Option 1 | Option 2 | What you need to know to make a decision
10. What blocks your growth | What helps you grow | What is your unrealized potential


🧦Mix & Match🧦
🧦Questions to Create Your Own Spread🧦

1. A card to represent you
2. Vibe Check
3. A card to represent your strengths
4. What gives you courage
5. What will help you communicate
6. What will help you express yourself
7. What makes you a good friend
8. Advice from the Universe
9. What you need to know
10. What blocks do you have
11. What is blocking your growth
12. What is blocking your creativity
13. What is blocking your happiness
14. How can you feel self love in your life
15. What you need more of in your life
16. What you don't see about yourself
17. What you need to release
18. What you need to accept
19. What you need to embrace
20. A card to represent fears you need to work through
21. A card to represent your emotional self
22. A card to represent your higher self
23. A lesson you need to learn
24. What should you be focusing on
25. How can you be your most authentic self
26.What can I improve
27. How can I thrive
28. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?
29. How can I open myself to new opportunities
30. How can I better connect with friends/family/partner?

About Your Reader - ✨Jess✨

I believe that tarot is an intuitive art that invokes soul healing, raises vibrations and guides us to our higher selves!

I am just your average Los Angeles local who loves connecting with my intuition to help others. There is something beautiful about helping others receive messages from the divine wisdom within their soul. As well as the messages the Universe or spirit guides want them to know. I truly believe in the soul healing powers of the Tarot. I really think it should be part of everyone's self care routine. I'm so grateful that this website gives me a platform to reach out to you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give you a reading.


- I’m 33 which is the best age
- I’m a Leo ☀️, Capricorn 🌙, and a Virgo rising
- My enneagram is a 9w1
- I have an Chihuahua named Lola
- My favorite color is purple
- I’m a life path 7
- I’m one of those weird people that obsess over Dr. Pepper.


Last Updated: January 14 2022


Tarot reading is an art based on symbolism, intuition and interpretation. Therefore, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. These readings are for entertainment purposes. I do not give business, legal or medical advice. Any actions you may take after your reading is your decision and I am not liable.


•••Refund Policy•••

Thanks for choosing Spirit Atlas Tarot for your online tarot readings.

Spirit Atlas Tarot offers a 100% full money back guarantee for any purchase you make on Spirit Atlas Tarot website. If you are not satisfied with the reading you were given you can get your money back no questions asked. You are eligible for a a full reimbursement within 7 calendar days of your purchase.

After the 7-day period has ended you will no longer be eligible and won’t be able to receive a refund.

Tips/Donations are optional and considered gifts. They are not reimbursable and are not eligible or part of the 100% money back guarantee.

If you have any questions about your purchase or would like a refund, please feel free to contact Spirit Atlas Tarot.


•••My Tarot Reading Code of Ethics•••

I do not give readings to anyone under 18 without the consent of a parent or guardian.

I will treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.

I will never share your readings with anyone else. Your readings will always be completely confidential. I will never share your e-mail or information with a third party. The only exceptions are if it is requested by the client or required by a court of law, or if I feel there is legitimate concern for anyone’s safety including you or myself.

I will show compassion to you when giving readings. I am not here to judge you.

I do not give financial, legal, medical, psychological or any other advice that I am not qualified to provide.

I do not claim to be a medium, “psychic” or telepathic.

I reserve the right to refuse or discontinue a reading if I feel it is necessary to do so.
I will always discuss and agree upon all and any fees with my clients prior to giving a reading.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

E-mail: SpiritAtlas333@gmail.com