Let the Divine heal you💜

If you are here with me, then this is no coincidence for sure. You were always where you are meant to be.

I hope we connect at a level above this physical realm and may you find unconditional love, support, comfort, deep sense of peace and open up to infinite possibilities in this space.

I serve and heal many hearts daily through Tarot card Readings, Magick Spells, courses and workshops. Is your soul nudging you to work with me? Feel free to message me about that.

Let's talk come around someday

Tarot Card Reading

Energy Exchange

All readings will be done before 48hrs

Road Opener Oil

Get your Desires fulfilled with this amazing energised oil

Indian White Sage

It is used as a spiritual tool, dispel negative energy, Natural cleanser

Smudging is a symbolic exercise common to many cultures, traditions, and alternative healing practices. It involves burning selected herbs, leaves, flowers or other materials in a manner that fills the home or other space with the fragrance of the smoke. We use Indian White Sage for our Smudge Sticks/ Bundles.

Price: ₹550 for pair

Connect with the Higher Realm

Angel Workshop

Archangels are the highest order of Divine Beings who are waiting to connect with you. In this course you will learn who they are and how you can invoke them to guide you in the Magical journey of your Life.

Energy Exchange : ₹1222/ $17
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