Spiritual Philosophy and the Journey of Life

My meaning and philosophy of my life is that i am here to learn and to grow and love. That the journey of life is a travel of lessons, discoveries, and creating our world with love that is the hidden secret to magic and miracles.

1. Life Can be viewed as a Spiritual Experience
2. For it is the Condition of the Spirit that is the Connection to life.
3.Life is improved through being connected to what is pure.
4.For it is the inheritance of Morality that will pave the path of ones life.
5.It is my past that bestows the blessings of my future where I may always find balance and inspiration to do something different.
6.It is the relationship I have with myself that is the most important relationship in life. When the relationship I have with my self is healthy than my relationships with other people will be healthy too.
7.If I am broken may I begin to mend and heal through "Awareness" so it doesn't block the Embrace of my life and my future.
8. An approach to life is to create one that is healthy and whole. To follow the journey with integrity and the vowl to honor and value oneself everyday. That it is living life through a natural essense; one that is pure and rapture that is the manifestation of happiness and quality in life.
9.As you travel the journey of life you will Embrace the Miracle of Transcendance, A place where you are whole. Discovering the beauty of your Spirituality. For it is the unique magic within that creates a Spiritual Excellence keeping me on the Path of Dharma.

Hello there. I am Ambier OHarrow and the founder of Spiritual Philosophy. The Formula consist of the 9 virtues that create and lead to the path of Dharma. Dharma comes from the Hinduism religion and is a sanscript and term that means A Right Way to Live. A Philosophy and Religion that is a distinguishment of life and what can happen to life when drugs, corruption, dysfunction, and crime take place. Spiritual Philosophy incorporates The 5 Paths of Unity. The Path of Dharma: A Right Way to Live. The Path of Amithest: A Path of Discovery and Change. The Path of Golden Colors: A Path of Understanding and Learning. The Path of Thy Own Way: A Path of Change and New Adventure. And the Path of Light and Dark: A path of life that will always have its share of ups and downs. Along with Spiritual Philosophy are the 4 Elements that consist of 1.Morality the choices we make and the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. 2.Spirituality that is the colorful expression of vitality and adventure that makes life vibrant and enjoyable. 3.Philosophy the Meaning and Wisdom in one's life. And 4.Religion the Practice of One's life. The Covenant of Transcendance is the liberation of Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional freedom when one gives up Alcohol, Substance Abuse, Cigarettes, and the Vowl of Abstinance. It is the rising above the very things that can enslave us. The 3 Guide lines of Spiritual Philosophy are 1. Not Harming Other People. 2. Healthy Communication 3. The Virtue of Integrity. With these 3 practices and way of life Humanity, Friendships, and Family can prosper and be healthy. Spiritual Excellence consist of 1. Maturity 2. Understanding 3. Self Respect and Mutual Respect 4. Moral Intelligence and 5. Spiritual Intelligence. These Virtues make life Excell and make the Human Experience Flourishing. For it is a Universial Intellience that will change the future of Humanity in Extrodinary Ways! Universal Intelligence, Universal Love, Universal Cure.

The Paths of Unity

The Path of Dharma
The Path of Amithest
The Path of Golden Colors
The Path of Thy Own Way
The Path of Light and Dark

The 4 Elements


The Covenant of Transcendance

The Transcendance of Alcohol
The Transcendance of Substance Abuse
The Transcendance of Cigarettes
The Vowl of Abstinance

The 3 Guidelines of Spiritual Philosophy

1. Not Harming Other People
2. Healthy Communication
3. The Virtue of Integrity

Spirit of Life

A persons connection to their life by the Condition of their spirit.

The Magical Medicidical Potion

A combination of Happiness, Healing, Wholeness, and Nourishment

Treasures of the Soul

The Style and art of the soul. The Connection to expression. From music, art, movies people of inspiration, family, books, friends,memories, achievements, and accomplishments. Ones memorabilia.

Life of the Mind

If you want a tast of Philosophy look around you.
Its life. Its in people. In music, In art, In movies, In relationships, In experiences. The perspective of Spiritual wisdom.

The Metamorphosis of the Human life

The foundation of life and the human experience and its evolution of transformation and growth.

Pure Healing

Healing through being connected to what is Pure

Guru of Sacredness

Spirituality is the package of ones life. It is the nourishment of wholenes and what makes life vibrant. It is the wings of the soul where we flourish with life and its beauty. It is what gives life vitality. The colorful expression where spirit and soul collid

Unique Magic

The ability to create, produce,manifast talent, achieve, the ability to affect positive change. To Touch, To heal, To Awaken the Mind.

Spiritual Magic

The magic of Transformation
The magic of Transcendance
The magic of Wholeness
The magic of Healing
The beauty of the spirit
The magic of music

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