Why hello there! My shop is unfortunately closed do to a spam, but I remade this website, for you to see recommendations, meanings, and some of my favorite crystals!

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I wish people could understand, that spirituality isn’t a trend. I’ve tried to educate people on spirituality, but all they do is buy crystals and pretend they are “witches” they don’t know those meaning of crystals, and they don’t know how to use them, so I made this website so if you want to be a witch, you can learn how!

You have reached the 2nd page of my website! On this page you will be able to see meanings of crystals. I won’t be able to tell meaning about every crystal, because there are a lot.

Amethyst 👇
You have probably heard about this crystal.
Amethyst is a crystal that heals anxiety. I usually put amethyst under my pillow before I go to sleep, or on my night stand. Amethyst give you good energy. This is a crystal that I recommend to bring to school!

Rose Quartz 👇
This is another popular crystal. This crystal gives you self love. This crystal has gave me a lot of confidence. This is a crystal that I also bring to school, because sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, Rose Quartz shows me how it sees me. I think I’m beautiful with this crystal.

Citrine 👇
I love Citrine. I wouldn’t say this is a popular crystal, but it’s definitely not unknown. As a beginner witch, I saw Citrine in so many different shops, but no one really talk about it. Citrine is a crystal that helps with creativity! For example, if you going to start a shop, you would probably want to get creative, that’s why I bought Citrine!

Jade 👇
This is my favorite crystal! I don’t have a normal sized crystal of it, I have a ring instead! This crystal is for Luck, Good spirit energy, Friendship, and protection! This crystal is so beautiful and helps so many people!

Tigers Eye 👇
This crystal is beautiful. I have so many Tigers Eye crystals. They are everywhere in my room. You can actually bring this crystal anywhere with you. This crystal helps with Luck, Power, Balance, Confidence, and protects you from negativity, and toxicness.

Clear Quartz 👇
This crystal is possibly the most powerful healing stone. I’m going to be honest with you, I learned about this crystal very very late. But I’m still very glad it helped me even though I didn’t know the meaning at first!

You have reached the third page of my website! On this page you will be able to see some of my favorite crystals!

When I used to have my shop, so many people have ordered malachite from me. But I understand. That crystal is so beautiful and powerful. I don’t have many other favorite crystals, but here are some more of my favorites!
Jade, rose quartz, amethyst, clear Quartz, and selenite!

You have reached the fourth page of my website! On this page I am thanking you!

Thank you 🙏!

I bless you with all of my positivity, for checking out my website. You are so loved especially by me! I hope you now understand what it’s like to be spiritual. Having to know all of these meanings. You deserve the world! Have a great rest of your day!